Illegal….what does that mean people?

We have a problem here in the United States people. I remember back in the day when someone said something, their word was their bond. What they said was what they meant. If something was against the law, you went to jail for breaking the law…..and if you failed in something, you failed. We all survived failing….and we all survived seeing someone who broke the law, get punished and get sent to jail. You ask me where the problem is now?

The problem is, the whinny people in charge and the ones who think they speak for the majority are now saying that if you break the law, it has to be because you had a bad childhood. You need therapy, not punishment. If the illegals break our laws by coming into our country by breaking our laws, it is only because they are looking for a better way of life and can find it here. When in all actuality people, they broke the law of the land to get here. They are criminals. They deserve to be prosecuted and punished for breaking our laws. But we have namby pamby politically correct bozos, who cry that we are showing discrimination towards them because they are foreigners and we don’t like them. The trouble is, that is not the truth. The truth is, they broke our laws. The deserve to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law like we would be if we did the same things.

This namby pambying of our country doesn’t just happen with the illegals. It is happening all over the place in almost every aspect of our lives.

Not long ago, when it came the the immigration thing, Harry Reid tried to force his plan to give Amnesty to all the illegals down our throats and the American people rose up in protest and shot it down. Then he tried to bury it inside another bill to hide it from us, and we shot it down again. Are the American people waking up finally? Yes, I think we are. But the only way that our waking up will work, is if we vote them out of office, one by one till they are all gone. And I mean all of them. From Harry Reid to Teddy Kennedy. From John McCain to John Kerry. Everyone who has been in an office for long enough that they think they are above listening to us the people. Why do you think that the first three words of the Constitution was WE THE PEOPLE? And why do you think those three words were so big? It was because We the people are the ones who are in charge. The politicians are only there to carry out our wishes…….NOT THEIRS! We need to start voting them out of office, unless they start listening to us. The PEOPLE.

You notice, that over the last week or so, Hillary has changed her tune because of the people speaking out against the things she was talking about? You notice that over the last week the governor of New York changed his stance on licenses for the illegals, because the people spoke up? You notice that John McCain has changed his stance on the War because the people have spoken up? There are more, and all of you have noticed, unless your in denial. The people have started to speak up, and hopefully they will continue to, because the Politicians in Washington have gotten too big for their own good. They have gotten too big for the good of the country. Things have to change, and soon. The change isn’t going to be easy, for anyone, but if we don’t get the changes made that have to be made, our country will fail. And I do not think that anyone wants that. Anyone that is an American that is.

I love America enough to go through what is needed to save her. Do you?

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops and their mission
God Bless my readers and Listeners


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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10 Responses to Illegal….what does that mean people?

  1. JMK says:

    Sad to say, the vast majority of Americans are so busy making a living and raising families that only something catastrophic gets their full and undivided attention.

    Even the war in Iraq, hasn’t really garnered all that much attention, because there’s really been no sacrifice at home. As one Marine said, “The U.S. military is at war, America’s at the mall.”

    Sure, there’s a vague sense of impatience, Americans wanted this won years ago, but few, except those with loved ones in harm’s way are really engaged in that effort. The media has used Iraq as a political ad FOR their favored Party, the Democrats.

    I think it’ll take something almost cataclysmic to get the majority of America’s attention, perhaps another major terrorist event on U.S. soil, maybe some economic dislocation resulting from Democratic inspired tax hikes, but it will take something BIG….and that’s unfortunate, but that’s what those who want responsible and responsive giovernment are up against.

  2. Dwana says:

    Robert, you are so right on this. The only thing you left out is the race factor. Today’s liberals, Black and White, subscribe to a perverted concept of “anti-racism” which basically says that illegal, immoral, and/or irresponsibe behaviour by non-Whites is to be indulged because it’s not really their fault. They’re victims of White oppression, so any way they lash out at White society is justified, or at least understandable.

    Why are so many on the Left in love with 9/11 conspiracy theories? Because said theories relieve them of the necessity of holding non-Whites accountable for their criminal actions. And even liberals who reject 9/11 conspiracies are reluctant to deal with the terrorists the way they should be dealt with. Why? Because it violates the tenets of their “anti-racism” for a majority White nation to punish non-White people. And this idea is on full display in the immigration debate. Every left-wing devotee of illegal immigration would be virulently opposed to it if most illegals were White.

    As a Black person I’ve long been insulted by this corrupt liberal idea. I believe in equality, especially before the law. Crime is crime, no matter who commits it. If you break the law, or do immoral or irresponsible things, be prepared to accept the consequences, even if you’re non-White. That’s reality. Get used to it.

  3. jinno says:

    You use the fact that the politicians are changing their views as evidence that they’re good leaders? 3 Years ago it would’ve been evidence of a flip-flopper not fit to be in office. You’re claiming that on topics you disagree with that a politician’s change in opinion is a good thing, because it’s complicit with YOUR opinion. Granted, on the topic of immigration the majority view appears to be that of “Don’t let people in illegally, punish those that do.”

    However, various polls show that on the topic of the war in Iraq, the people want us out of it. They see it as a waste of tax dollars and a waste of life, and yet any time a politician is against it you become one of the very “whinny” people that you’re against. You claim that the majority of people want us to stay there, and you do nothing to back that up. Just because someone disagreed with YOUR opinion, you became the majority.

    The game of politics is a hard one, and I agree that “We the People” come first because this is supposed to be a nation of the people. Yet when the people are given lies from their government (Weapons of Mass Destruction, the torture of POWs, etc.), spied on (warrantless wiretapping, other provisions of the Patriot Act, etc.), and lose their rights (Provisions of the Patriot Act, the new act passed that would give the president the ability to instate Martial Law, Denial of habeas corpus, and the ability to be interned as an enemy combatant, etc.), all people have lost sight of just what they should do to protect their country.

    You support the president who has instated more afflictions to the rights of the people than any before him, and you want us to speak up for the denial of “the American Dream,” when there is no dream left worth speaking for. JMK said that it’ll take a terrorist attack to wake people up? Some economic dislocation?

    Look at the facts: Bush used a terrorist attack to justify denial of the people’s rights, to interrogate the innocent, and to utterly abuse the Constitution. The tax cuts he has instituted have brought us out of a recession, and have inflated the dollar to a damn near useless value. He has increased our spending beyond what we can sustain, and the tax cuts only further that burden. We’re borrowing money from other countries rather than paying for our own actions.

    The majority of people who believe in this country would support less of this government. They would support less spending, less oppression, and less imposition. Yet you will claim that the people want more of it all.

    There are no illegal people, just undocumented ones, if I’m to quote Dennis Kucinich on a line that many have cheered for, and supported. Because we cannot have the Statue of Liberty sit in the foreground of New York City, where it’s base asks for the huddled masses who yearn to breathe free. We cannot have a country where more than half of our populous come from direct descendants of the undocumented (Germans and such who came over before the imposition of our laws that make such travel a longer process) and claim that we’re a country for the free.

    Are laws necessary? Yes. But when they impose jurisdiction on a people who otherwise would have done no harm, you’re just blowing smoke, and you ruin the American dream in the process.

    Also, I’m rather sorry that this post kinda rambled, I’m rather distracted, doing homework and such.

  4. JMK says:

    “Look at the facts: Bush used a terrorist attack to justify denial of the people’s rights, to interrogate the innocent, and to utterly abuse the Constitution.” (Jinno)
    Bush didn’t “use” a terrorist act, America, under the Bush administration, merely responded to a ten years long relentless war against the West by the global forces of Sharia-based Islam with military force.

    Terrorism had been innanely treated as a criminal justice matter thru 9/11 even though that method was an abysmal failure.

    James Fox, then Director of the FBI’s NY Office said, “The American criminal justice system is inadequate to the task of dealing with state sponsored international terrorism.”

    That’s true now, it was true when Fox said that back in 1993 and it was true twen years before that.

    All the Bush admin has done has been to respond to terrorism as “an act of unconventional warfare directed against civilian populations.

    As it should be dealt with.

  5. JMK says:

    Moreover, the average citizen’s privacy rihts have not been violated by things like NSA tracking calls/emails made FROM the USA to suspect foreign portals, as calls/emails FROM suspect foreign portals INTO th USA had long been tracked without warrant as per FISA.

    And ONLY inflation devalues the buying power of the dollar and inflation has been a remarkably LOW 2.3% and under 2.5% since 2000.

    The dollar has recently lost value in the global currency market. It’s at one of it lowest points against the Euro…..that’s GOOD for trade! In fact, it’s why Japan has always fought to keep the Yen valued as low as possible against the dollar.

    The economy, under Bush, has improved from the recession that started in the Spring of 2000, almost certainly due, in part, to those across the board tax cuts, and been very strong over the last five years – LOW inflation (<2.5%), low unemployment (<4.5%), LOW interest rates and rising productivity and personal income.

    Compare that to the last Keynesian to occupy the WH (Jimmy Carter) – “Stagflation,” or “the worst economy since the Great Depression!” HIGH inflation, HIGH unemployment and HIGH interest rates….now THAT was a disaster!

  6. jinno says:

    The unemployment rate in Bill Clinton’s administration? 3.9% That would mean that in 7 years the Bush administration has reached peaks of 6.3%. That’s a bad thing, even if it has lowered to 4.7%(as seen on the Bureau of Labor website currently) That’s still a gain of .8%

    The inflation rate of the Clinton Administration? 2.0% That number has risen 5% in the Bush administration. So by your standards, the buying power of the dollar is getting more and more worthless.

    Also, the low value of currency is a good thing for trade, when other countries want your stuff. Japan is a leading exporter of a lot of electronics. But other countries don’t want what little products we produce in this country. To quote a British friend of mine, “The United States makes nothing but shit cars, and anything else will have “Made in China” stamped on the bottom of it.” And it’s true. My Texas Instruments calculator says Made In China on it.


    And it’s taking us to what will eventually be our economic downfall. To say that the low value of the dollar in comparison to other countries is a good thing, is to be absolutely blind to our economic position. We achieved what little economic authority we’ve had because of WWII debts, and now that those are being paid back (coincidentally BECAUSE of the low value of our dollar) the value will continue to go down until countries will refuse to trade with us.

    It’s already happening. OPEC, you know the source of our number one import, is starting to shy away from the dollar which the president of Iran calls “a worthless piece of paper.” We’re going to see a lot of countries soar away from us economically unless we realize that these issues aren’t going to go away until we pay back our national debts.

    Also, Bill Clinton was fiscally responsible, and worked to pay off the national debt with over $200,000 in his surplus each year. George W Bush? 1.2 Trillion dollar deficit.

    And our senseless spending on wars against drugs, Iraq, and other expenditures to police the world are going to bring us down farther.

    I may be rather liberal, but even here I can see why I’m voting for a Republican candidate in the primaries. Ron Paul if you couldn’t tell where I was going there.

  7. heidiannej says:

    “Because said theories relieve them of the necessity of holding non-Whites accountable for their criminal actions.”

    the middle easterners consider themselves white. muhammed was a white man according to all of the doctrines. but i see where you’re going and i agree wholeheartedly.

    just found you from robert’s place and am quite glad i did. nice digs you have here.

  8. Dwana says:

    Hi Heidianne! Thanks for the kind words. I’ll be adding your blog to my link field.

    You’re right, a lot of Middle Easteners consider themselves White and even look White. This is partially due to the intermixing of Europeans–Romans, Greeks, Crusaders–with the native Middle East population. In general, though, Arabs are considerd non-White by most people in America and the rest of the West. As for Muhammad being White, I wonder if Louis Farrahkan knows that?

  9. heidiannej says:

    it’s very interesting that the black muslims i know believe that islam is the religion for blacks and christianity and judaism are for whites. they appear not to have been informed (indeed “leaders” are told to skip some of it to recruit more black people) that the arab word for black and slave are one and the same. they also don’t realize that it was NOT the white europeans who were rounding up the slaves and bringing them to europe and america, but rather it was the muslims. by the time the europeans/americans arrived at port in africa, the collection of slaves had already been assembled. it might also interest you to know that slavery is STILL (yes as in today) in full practice by the muslims. the enslave christians and those christians must convert to islam or face ever increasing punishments. ah well.

  10. JMK says:

    Well Jinno, the LOWEST unemployment rate under Bill Clinton was 4.0% in 2000, and the unemployment and inflation numbers for both Bill Clinton and Bush Jr are very similar; Clinton’s were, 6.9% in ’93, 6.1% in ’94, 5.6% in ’95, 5.4% in ’96, 4.9% in ’97, 4.5% in ’98, 4.2% in ’99 and 4.0% in 2000, while Bush’s to date were, 4.7% in ’01, 5.8% in ’02, 6.0% in ’03, 5.5% in ’04, 5.1% in ’05 and 4.6% in ’06. It must be noted that the best years of both administrations 1995 thru 2006 occurred when the GOP controlled both houses of Congress – “Congress holds the purse strings.”

    Ironically enough, BOTH inherited recessions from their predecessors – Clinton from Bush Sr and his ill-fated collaboration with the economically ignorant Ted Kennedy on the ill-conceived and disastrous 1991 tax hike and G W Bush inherited the recession that began in the Spring of 2000 when the NASDAQ imploded, dragging the DOW down with it over the next two years.

    The across the board tax cuts by the Bush administration certainly helped us out of a very bad recession that was exacerbated by the Jihadist attacks of 9/11, the business scandals that occurred during the late 1990s and broke in the summer of 2001, later reined in under Sarbannes-Oxley.

    Neither Clinton, nor more aptly Newt Gingrich (since it was Newt’s economic plan), decreased the national debt, as the debt has risen every year since 1970, what they did was rein in the deficit, reducing the growing debt as a percentage of GDP.

    Likewise, inflation and currency valuation are neither the same, nor are they actually directly related. Inflation is an increase in the money supply beyond what the natural wealth expansion requires. Past administrations (neither Clinton’s nor Bush Jr’s) have printed more money to “pay the future debt load back in cheaper dollars.” That was popularized by Keynesians like Fred Volker, who led Jimmy Carter’s star-crossed Presidency, it has not been popular since 1981 when Supply Siders have dominated EVERY White House (Reagan’s, Bush Sr’s, Clinton’s and Bush Jr’s).

    At any rate, inflation increases the money supply and reduces the PURCHASING POWER of those who use that given currency. Inflation does NOT necessarily reduce that currency’s valuation on the international currency market.

    We have extremely low inflation and have had a remarkably stable inflation rate for over fifteen years – the highest inflation rates over the past fifteen years were 2000 (3.5%) and 2005 (3.5%). The inflation rate has been below 3.0% for every one of those other years between 1993 and 2006.

    What we’ve recently seen is a devaluation of the U.S. dollar (NOT inflation, nor “due to inflation”) on the global currency market. That makes U.S. goods and services more affordable to our trading partners and foreign goods more expensive for Americans – that’s VERY GOOD for our trade balance.

    It’s also why Japan has kept the Yen valued artificially low compared to both the Dollar and the Euro.

    We import MORE than we export because our economy is stronger and foreign goods and services are usually cheaper. A slight devaluation of the Dollar on the world currency market is good for that trade deficit, and doesn’t hurt Americans at home.

    Wages are up, productivity is up and INFLATION, INTEREST RATES and UNEMPLOYMENT are all very LOW.

    Supply Side policies have served us well since 1981, as they’ve delivered over a quarter century of unprecedented prosperity!

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