Welcome to America. Now Speak English!

I have added a new writer to the Tired of all the Liberal Rhetoric blog, and in this post wish to introduce her to you my readers. She has several other blogs of her own, one of which is linked to here in my bloglinks, called Poorgirls Zone. She has a great way of putting words together. Since I use blue to say what I want and my ideas here, thought she would like a color too, so her colors are RED. Anything in red is what she writes…… so here is her first post:

By Dwana

On Friday, November 9 the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) attempted to block a measure to bring tax relief legislation to the House floor. The legislation would spare most middle class taxpayers from the alternative minimum tax (AMT). Why would the CHC try to obstruct legislation that would benefit Hispanics as well as non-Hispanics? Why, to protest an English-only requirement added to it.

House Republicans added to the AMT spending bill a proposal withholding funds from any EEOC lawsuit against companies that require their employees to speak English on the job. The proposal stemmed, in part, from an EEOC suit against the Salvation Army in Farmingham, MA, which fired two employees for speaking Spanish at work. The employees had been given a year to learn English. They didn’t. House Dems failed to defeat the GOP proposal, sparking the CHC’s outrage.

Well, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus isn’t the only group that’s outraged. I and millions of other Americans are more than outraged at the continued assault on our nation’s sovereignty, culture, and language. We’ve had enough!

America is not an anti-poverty program or job market for Mexico. America is our country, our HOME. She has her own history, culture, and language that should be respected, like those of every other country. If foreigners want to be part of America they have to accept that history, embrace that culture, and speak that language. In a word, they have to assimilate. Why is that considered so wrong?

“It’s racist!” the usual suspects will shout. Joe Baca, chairman of the CHC, played the “R” card when he whined that “[Hispanics] are tired of the…hatred and racism” in the immigration debate. But just what did Baca mean by “racism”? If by that term he meant a people preserving their culture, beginning with the language thereof, then Baca, the CHC, La Raza, LULAC, and virtually all Hispanic immigrants and illegal aliens are guilty of racism. And guilty of cultural imperialism, too. Remember, they’re trying to preserve their culture and language not in their own country, mind you, but in SOMEONE ELSE’S country.

That “someone else’s country” is America. America and the liberties and rights her citizens enjoy are the product of a specific culture: Anglo-Protestantism. That culture, not Hispanic culture, not Islamic culture, not another European culture, but Anglo-Protestant culture is her foundation. It is the source, humanly speaking, of America’s much envied freedom and prosperity. The English language keeps us intimately connected to that source.

The United States was founded by English-speaking people. The country’s historical documents bear eloquent testimony to that.

The Mayflower Contract was written in English.

The Articles of Confederation were written in English.

The Declaration of Independence was written in English.

The Federalist Papers were written in English.

The Constitution was written in English.

Thomas Paine wrote his famous tract “The Rights of Man” in English.
Nathan Hale spoke his immortal words, “I regret that I have but one life to give for my country” in English.

Patrick Henry delivered his stirring cry, “Give me liberty or give me death!” in English. ………The list is endless.

Spanish had nothing to do with the birth or maturing of my great nation.

There is no right to be in America without becoming American. If you want this nation to be your home you have to assimilate. That’s not racist. In the 19th and 20th centuries millions of White immigrants were expected to assimilate and did.

Billy Wilder, who directed such classic films as “Double Indemnity” and “Sunset Boulevard”, fled Nazi Germany and began learning English immediately upon arriving in America. He didn’t sit around and whine that racist America wouldn’t hand him everything in his native language. Instead, he recognized that America wasn’t Germany and German no longer applied. Wilder adopted a new “native” language and soared to fame with it.

Joe Baca, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, LULAC, La Raza and the rest of the Latino mafia should pay close attention to the lesson of Billy Wilder. If they really want their people to progress here, they’ll vigorously push assimilation, especially learning English, and abandon their thinly veiled belief that being the largest minority gives Latinos a mandate to remake America in their image. It doesn’t. Our Anglo-Protestant heritage still stands. Without it there’d be no wealthy El Norte for Mexicans to run to, to avoid starvation. People who have what they have, only because they’re in America, owe this nation much more than this nation will ever owe them. Assimilation is their duty. And I welcome them to America. Now speak English!

God Bless America
God Bless our troops and their mission
God Bless my readers and listeners

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About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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5 Responses to Welcome to America. Now Speak English!

  1. Dwana says:

    Hey Robert! The post turned out GREAT!!! I’m really glad I could do this for you. I hope your readers like it, too (maybe Jason’ll stop by and throw his usual liberal fit). I’ll be doing this for you again soon. And of course, you are welcome to write on my blog(s), too. Happy blogging!

  2. jinno says:

    While I will concede that convenience constitutes the need for one to learn English, this country has no law written official language. That is to say, English may be considered our official language, in the de facto sense, but by no legal practice is the language of our country. That said I disagree that English should be any sort of requirement for tax relief, unless it is signed into law that the official language of America is English.

    When our government was established the laws were written in English, because our country was primarily run by an ancestry of English settlers. To say that the Spanish had nothing to do with the maturing of this country is a downright fallacy. Florida, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona were all settled and established by settlers from Spain. To insist that English has always been the dominant language all over this country is a complete bastardization of the truth, read your history you should know better.

    Also, your argument falls flat on the “Anglo-Protestantism” of America. Initially, the lands of America were settled by Protestant immigrants (undocumented, btw) from Europe because they were resistant of Catholic rule. Several numbers of Christian sects migrated here to a land dominated by nature driven religions, ie Indian tribes. As more and more people emigrated they brought their cultures with them, which included Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and others. Religious ideals have taken form within the people themselves, including new sects of the Christian Gospel and Scientology.

    To enforce a language or system of beliefs upon our people just because we were here first, would be a stand against the First Amendment. To suggest otherwise is simply un-American. Besides, this blog in general seems to treat all Hispanics the same; the illegal workforce in this country. You wouldn’t care if they were naturalized citizens, so long as your agenda is met.

  3. JMK says:

    America’s language of culture and commerce IS english.

    America’s SECOND language, the one that lost by one vote becoming America’s principle language was German.

    The lands settled by the French and Spanish, didn’t become “American” until they were purchased (in the case of France and the Lousianna Purchase) or fought for (as were the Spanish territories) in our war with Mexico.

    The fact that immigration was unregulated up through the mid-19th Century is immaterial.

    Certainly, it is NO argument in favor of any kind of “open immigration” today.

    Today, the die is cast, we’re moving away from “family reunification and “anchor babies,” and toward an immigration policy rooted in allowing in ONLY those with the skills we need – math teachers, physicists, and accountants YES, unskilled laborers, art history majors, etc, NO.

    And America has a right to do just that – to tweak and redefine its own immigration policies as the government sees fit.

    Illegal immigration is NOT a part of the overall “immigration issue.” It’s a law enforcement issue. Illegal immigration is strongly opposed by over 73% of Americans because (1) it is a national security problem in the age of international terrorism and (2) it’s an economic bomb. Illegal immigration has lowered the wage floor in America and that’s a large reason why the wage rates overall have remained stagnant over the past 20 years.

    An “open immigration” stand in today;s environment with today’s reality is a highly anti-American stance.

  4. MPR says:

    We can only be the the UNITED States if we United and speak a one common language.

    I agree with the writer; you come to a country, assimilate to that country.

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