How the Liberals react to a Conservative.

Got another comment, and I wish to use this opportunity to thank Jason for another interesting one. So, thank you again, for your comment. It tells me I have finally made an impact. Liberals like you only do or say these things to people, when they don’t like what is being said. So again, thank you. And anger? Not from my end…..

Here is his comment:

Wow, a whole post of anger and stupidity aimed at me! I’m not trying to
run your blog into the ground. I’m just pointing my finger and
laughing at poorly written, poorly thought, regurgitated talk radio crap. I’m
also laughing at your overblown sense of just about everything. You’re
like a sitcom character. I remember my very first post here I said that
you were writing a brilliant parody of stupid right wingers because I
just couldn’t believe that anybody who had the technical wherewithal to
have a blog could be quite as bombastically ignorant as you. When you
thanked me for that comment, I realized that you don’t even know what
the word “parody” means.
I have right wing blogger friends. The difference between them and you
is that they are intelligent. I bet it takes you an hour and a half to
watch 60 Minutes. The fact that you can type, let alone remember to
breathe, is a miracle.

I wish to ask you to do me a favor. “Never ruin your children’s dreams of reaching for the stars or clouds”.

Another thing. There was no anger as you put it, the only one who has shown anger is you.

But, thank you again for your comment. Not because I do not know the meaning of parody, or some other inane word that you wish to come up with, but I sincerely thank you. You are making this easy.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops
God Bless my readers and listeners


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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31 Responses to How the Liberals react to a Conservative.

  1. Dwana says:

    “You are making this easy.” Yes, he is.

  2. Making liberals cry can be really good fun. I live in Los Angeles, where there are quite a lot of them, and I exercise the opportunity whenever it arises. It isn’t even hard. Just say how much you admire Rush Limbaugh or President Bush!

  3. Jason says:

    Actually, here’s exactly what you wrote in your email:

    “I wish to thank you for your “note”. It tells me I have finally made an impact.”

    –Ha! Every time I see you come up on Blog Rocket, I visit for a laugh at your expense. And if you post something asinine enough, I leave a rude comment. Is that an impact?

    “I wish to ask you to do me a favor. “Never ruin your children’s dreams of reaching for the stars or clouds” as your way of thinking is probably going to do.”

    –Just stupidity there. The reason that I make fun of your dopey blog and actively fight against the smarter people on your political side is to make this a better world for my child. How is my pointing out just how poorly written and poorly thought out one incredibly lame right wing blog is ever going to effect anything except perhaps your blood pressure?

    “I just have no time for negative people in life….. and your about as negative as any liberal I have ever seen. And when it comes to stupidity….better look in the mirror.”

    –Double Ha! You need to add the word “negative” to the growing list of words that you don’t quite know how to use. You spend hours a day listening to some of the most negative people on the planet spewing their ignorant angry rhetoric on the radio. Oh, but I’m the one who is stupid, right?

    “And the parody of this is what your life means. A ridiculous bunch of satirical ideas that change the real meaning of things in an inane and stupid way.”

    –That doesn’t even make any sense, bozo. I don’t even think a dictionary will be of much help to you.

    “Thanks again for the note.”

    –Not quite a good enough attempt at sarcasm

    “God Bless you”

    –And may the Force be with you

  4. Jason says:

    Oh hi fetiche, I remember you from my blog. You attacked my family over the SCHIP issue. I love those right wing family values! Keep our country overpopulated, make sure our children don’t have access to affordable health care, and then send them all off to war so they can die.

  5. elwoodin says:

    Jason you liberals and your SCHIP health care is going to break this country financially if it ever gets passed, giving free health care to people who have an annual income of up to 80,000 dollars. Hell, if you would think about it bozo (as you like to say) if you were making 80,000 per year you should be able to take care of your family yourself without government help…but you liberals can’t do that yourselves….you have to have government intervention. Makes me wonder what you will all do when this country goes bankrupt because of your idiotic programs.

  6. Dwana says:

    Answering you, Jason!

    “Keep our country overpopulated” No, Jay, it’s not conservatives who want to overpopulate America, it’s you liberals who want every Third World sob story to come on in, preferrably illegally.

    “Make sure our children don’t have acces to affordable health care” Wrong again. The SCHIP program is supposed to help poor children, NOT children who’s parents make $80,000+ a year. I don’t know about where you live, Jay, but here in the South 80 grand a year ain’t poor! And another thing, the Founding Fathers never intended government to take care of us, but only to secure our liberties so we could take care of ourselves. I prefer their vision to Karl Marx’s any day.

    “…then send them all off to war so they can die.” Yes, Jay, war IS terrible but, as Churchill said, slavery is worse. What “anti-war” liberals like you don’t understand is that the freedoms you have exist only because previous generations of Moms and Dads sent their boys to die. Or maybe you’d prefer to live in the world that would surely exist if this country hadn’t sent over 300,000 of it’s finest children to die in that little incident called World War II? Seig Heil!

  7. M says:

    Elwoodin & Dwana, don’t compare World War II to our invasion of Iraq. Defending ourselves and invading a country based on lies (WMD’s) are two different things.

    We’re handing out billions of dollars in contracts to corporations like Bechtel and Halliburton subsidiaries, and many others, who are in Iraq doing nothing (google it if you don’t believe me). Bechtel got $50 billion to build a children’s hospital with it. That never happened. Strange that they still cashed the check though. What about the other billions that just “disappeared” in Iraq (along with weapons). $50 billion could have provided poor to lower middle-class kids with healthcare, but instead it was just given away and our taxes are paying them. I’d rather give my tax dollars to children on welfare than to wealthy corporations. I will never understand why some Americans support things that directly affect them. Kind of like getting ass-raped by the government and then saying thank you.

    P.S. I thought this was a parody site too at first.

  8. elwoodin says:

    I can and will compare World War II to our invasion of Iraq. If you remember right…..after we declared war on Japan, *who did attack us*, did we NOT, the next day declare war on Germany? DID THEY attack us? Wasn’t it intellegence that we had, saying that they were a threat?


  9. Jason says:

    “I can and will compare World War II to our invasion of Iraq.”

    Of course you can and will. Because you are an imbecile with a very loose grip on reality. How typical that you’d think helping children have affordable health care is a waste of money while an endless bloodbath in some other country is money well spent. Could you possibly be more pathetic?

    And Dwana, you are only just slightly brighter than Robert here, but you offer nothing worthy of a serious debate. You just underscore my point that your side can think of every lame excuse and hurl every bit of misinformation out to justify your positions that are bad for our country and our world.

  10. Dwana says:

    Jason and M,

    I was NOT comparing our invasion of Iraq to WWII. The point I was trying to make is that our precious freedoms didn’t just fall out of the sky, or come about from people trashing our country, as liberals seem to believe. Rather, our freedoms exist today because brave men and women in generations past fought and died for them. Freedom isn’t free, as the saying goes.

    As for the Iraq War being based on lies, why don’t all you Bush haters label as liars EVERYONE who believed that Saddam had WMDs? Tony Blair believed Saddam had WMDs, as did Vladimir Putin, Gerhardt Schroeder, and even Bill Clinton, to name a few. Aren’t they liars, too?

    And Jay, calling me an ignorant slut was kinda cute at first, but now the name calling is getting old. Look up the word “intelligent” in the dictionary. You might be shocked to discover the definition is NOT “to agree with Jason”.

  11. Dwana says:

    One more thing.

    This may shock you Jay, and everyone else posting comments, but if I had been President Bush I would NOT have invaded Iraq. I did not and do not believe that the invasion was necessary to protect America from resurgent Islam. Where I part company with you, Jay, and all the other America haters is that ONCE THE BATTLE WAS JOINED I understood that my country had to win. I understood that America is the good guy in Iraq. I understood that freeing the Iraqi people from the murderous tyranny of Saddam was a noble thing, even if it wasn’t the reason given for the war. And I understood that working for America’s defeat in Iraq, which is what liberals like you, Jay, are doing, is the hightest form of treason.

    So now you know where I stand on this volatile issue. Am I still an ignorant slut?

  12. Jason says:

    Dwana, go watch some classic Saturday Night Live. Dan Ackroyd always used to debate Jane Curtin, opening with “Jane, you ignorant slut.” It’s a classic comedy bit.

    As for the lies about Iraq, anybody who knew that the WMD thing was not true was indeed a liar. Those who believed it and acted upon it were misled, by LIARS.

    What is treasonous is sending our troops to their deaths over something that we know is not a legitimate purpose. What is success or defeat in another country’s civil war? We need to get out and get out now. Not one more dollar, not one more drop of our blood should be wasted. For you to say that I hate America because I don’t want to see Americans die over lies is a shining example of your ignorance. Turn off Rush and read a book. I don’t know if you’re a slut (if you are, that would be hot!), but you are most definitely on the ignorant side.

  13. Dwana says:

    Dear, dear Jason! You slay me. Yes, I had forgotten about the Dan Akroyd thing, but somehow I don’t think you intended your name calling to be funny. Leave comedy to the pros.

    As for the WMDs I’m glad you admit that anyone who knew they weren’t there was and is a liar. So are you now going to march in the streets chanting, “Bush…and Blair, Schroeder, Putin, and Clinton lied. Kids died!”? I didn’t think so.

    And why do you and your ilk presume that Bush lied? Because the WMDs weren’t there? How does that make Bush a liar? Why couldn’t he have been mistaken? Why couldn’t he, and the other world leaders I mentioned, have sincerely believed that the WMDs existed but were just wrong? I’m open to the possibility that Bush lied but I seriously doubt if you, Jay, are open to the possibility that Bush was just wrong, tragically wrong, perhaps, but wrong and not maliciously deceptive. I just don’t understand why liberals are so committed to ascribing only the most evil of motives to everything Bush does.

    As for you hating America I concede that you probably don’t, but the same can’t be said for the left-wing crowd you admire, Jay. Do you really believe that people who call America evil, burn our troops in effigy, praise terrorists as freedom fighters, and call 9/11 victims “little Eichmans” are patriots? Do you really believe that?


    I don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh.

  14. Jason says:

    Oh angry and ignorant Dwana, why on earth would I not have been making an oldschool SNL reference? I’m sorry that I don’t make a living at comedy, but it is my hobby as a filmmaker and writer.

    I tend to not trust anybody holding public office. It’s just the republicans who I trust the least. I don’t presume that Bush lied. I know for a fact that he lied. Plenty of people have come out to basically say that he wanted to attack Iraq on 9/12/01 and wanted any excuse to do it, and that the intelligence had been cooked. He WANTED this war and he got it. Does it matter if Bush lied or was just wrong? Americans are dying and we need that to stop.

    So who are these left wingers who are burning our troops in effigy? I can point to all sorts of idiot INDIVIDUALS on the right and say that you’re all probably a bunch of racist, homophobic, theocratic, authoritarian wingnuts. But making generalizations like that is stupid. I do stand by the idea that you and Robert are ignorant reactionaries though.

    So who fills your head with such absurd generalizations if you don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh?

  15. Dwana says:

    Ahhh, Jason! You little bait and switcher! The question wasn’t about “generalizations”, the question was do you believe that the leftists who call America evil, burn our troops in effigy, praise terrorists and trash 9/11 victims are patriots. Well, do you believe that? Yes or no.

    But as for who these leftists are, they range from politicians like Dick Durbin and John Murtha, to protestors like Cindy Sheehan and gang, to academics such as Ward Churchill, to entertainers like the Dixie Chicks and virtually everyone in Hollywood. All of these left-wingers have trashed America and/or our troops in one way or another.

    And who fills my head with “such absurd generalizations”? Nobody. I listen and observe and I make conclusions. Nobody tells me anything. I think for myself which is why I’m NOT a Democrat, as liberals presume all Black people should be.

  16. Jason says:

    You’re making shit up. I have never once heard about anyone doing any of this stuff that you are claiming these supposed leftists are doing, though I do recall several right wing pundits such as Ann Coulter and Bill O’Reilly trashing 9/11 victims’ families because they spoke out against the war. You can name a whole bunch of people who you disagree with, but not one of them (OK, maybe Ward Churchill who is a genuine wingnut) have trashed America and our troops. They just have a different opinion as you. It is highly ignorant of you and many on your side to label honest dissent as trashing out country or our troops. Yes, that is an absurd and ignorant generalization plain as day. It’s that kind of cheapening of any real debate which is why I make fun of people like you and Robert. It’s not about what you believe. It’s about how you express it (which is with a great deal of ignorance).

  17. Dwana says:

    Jason, Jason, Jason! You say I’m making *crap* up, yet I’m supposed to be ignorant. I guess Robert didn’t chastise you hard enough for your profanity. Or do you consider that honest debate?

    But I’m not making things up. Leftists ARE saying terrible things about America and our troops. You can read a few of those things on my post “Predators and Traitors” on my blog PoorGrrlZone. Click on it in the link field here. I’ve always wondered what someone has to say about America or our troops before liberals will say it’s unpatriotic. Maybe you can tell me, Jay. But I’m glad you realize that Ward Churchill is a “genuine wingnut”. At least we agree on that.

  18. Jason says:

    I keep telling Robert not to bother me by email and he keeps on doing it, so fudge his silly request, I’ll use whatever language I want to and that has nothing to do with honest debate one way or the other. It has to do with the fact that sometimes “crap” doesn’t quite carry the same verbal weight as “shit.” This is America where we have free speech, at least until the social conservatives take that away from us.
    And that’s the thing with free speech. There are always going to be people who say things that are offensive to somebody. There are always going to be people of every race, gender, sexual orientation and political persuasion who say horrible, stupid things about all sorts of different subjects. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that those people hardly represent their various race/gender/sexual orientation/political persuasion as a whole. There are plenty of people on the far right who say bad things about America and the troops too. Ever heard of Fred Phelps? In most cases it’s a matter of maturity.
    But you’re running around, cherry picking the worst stuff you can find, and then acting as if the whole left should be to blame for it is just weak. And it would be a one-way ticket out of any academic debate team. If you want to make the case against the entire left (which is kind of hard because an entire half of the political spectrum is made up of a rather diverse bunch of people with a diverse bunch of ideas), then you’ve got to work a lot harder than that.

  19. Hello! I’m pleased to meet you, Elwoodin. I found your blog via your comment at WordPress about wanting a patriotic WordPress theme package.

    I love WordPress dearly, but as a conservative I had always felt some misgivings assuming that all the WP folk were probably left coast liberals.

    It would be wonderful if we had a community of patriotic WP users to pursue your idea.

    BTW, I have learned enough about WP to create any theme I want, as I have with my own weblog. (Actually, we are trying to build a news magazine comprised of twenty WP installs as the different pages.) But it requires one’s own webhost.

    My very best to you. Use my email to get in touch if you are interested in pursuing this.

  20. elwoodin says:

    Jason….asking you not to use profanity was not a demand, it was a request. A request for common decency. You wouldn’t want people to come around your house and say the “F” word all the time in front of your kids now would you?…..well who knows….maybe you would….good people wouldn’t….so since you insist on using profanity, your last comment is edited….not because of censorship…but because I asked you nicely….you wouldn’t comply. And Jason, is maturity shown by the continued use of profanity when other words would work just as well?

    Until you can be civil with your tongue, you can expect this. This is asking for Common decency….if nothing else. Apparently that aspect is hard for you. And another thing….when it comes to what you said about social conservatives being the ones who are trying to shut down free speech….it isn’t the republicans who are doing that… is your dear democrats who are trying to reintroduce the fairness doctrine, because they cannot break into talk radio successfully any other way.


  21. Dwana says:

    Jason, you still won’t answer my simple question: do you believe trashing America is patriotic? You dodge the question by falling back on a favorite liberal tactic, yelling free speech.

    Jason, of course I believe in free speech! Unlike you, though, I believe that free speech includes the right to rebut someone else’s speech. If a guy stood up and said that 2 plus 2 equals 5, am I threatening his free speech if I use MY free speech to tell him, and anyone who’s listening to him, that he’s wrong? And since you believe so much in free speech, Jay, did you rise to defend Don Imus and that black actor on Grey’s Anatomy when they were fired for making “intolerant” statements? Did you defend Mel Gibson when he blamed all the world’s wars on Jews? Did you, in the name of free speech, speak up for the show Desperate Housewives when it was accused of being anti-Filipino? Well, did you?

    Just answer my question, Jason? I really want to know what you think (as if I didn’t know already).

  22. Jason says:

    Robert, I’ve asked you countless times not to email me and you do not respect my wishes, so why on earth would you expect me to respect yours? But I’ll make a deal with you. If you promise no more emails, I will promise that you’ll never see the words “fudge,” “cork,” “bitch,” “motherflopper,” “sockruckerr,” “Larry Craig,” or “bits” come out of me on your blog ever again. I will reserve the right to say “shoot” because how else would I be able to describe your posts that belong on the “who gives a shoot channel?” If you respond to this by email, I will be forced to tell my version of The Aristocrats.

    And Dwana, I can’t answer your question because it’s too vague. Your idea of trashing America could be my idea of honest criticism of our government. If it’s criticizing our government, that is the act of somebody who cares a great deal about our country which would be considered patriotic. If they didn’t care, why would they criticize? If it’s just saying things like “America is evil” or “America sucks” that’s just immature and who would even care about that sort of stupidity? Is that how you already know that I think?

    I have a great deal to say on the topic of free speech on my blog (and how do you get that I don’t believe in the right to rebut? I rebut things every day of my life!), but I didn’t realize that it was my duty to go and defend every last person who has put their foot in their mouth. I think they all have an equal right to go ahead and make an ass of themselves. The only difference between Gibson and Imus was that Gibson had the smarts to hire a damage control publicist and saved his career while Imus threw himself to the wolves and put himself in the position where he had to get fired (which he should have been years ago for his incredibly low ratings). I must wonder if you make a habit of defended the free speech of people who you disagree with? I had a post recently about how I thought that the Senate had no business condemning Rush Limbaugh or MoveOn. Matters of speech are no business of our government, period.

  23. elwoodin says:

    First off Jason, what makes you think your important enough to email. I haven’t emailed you in a while now….so you are a little delusional. Maybe your getting emails when I post a comment to yours…..I do not know..but I am not emailing you. Nor will I…your not important enough. So no more bad words, as I edited your last comment to get them out of there…..So, like I said, I have no intention of emailing you…..and I won’t either. Your comments let me know that I am letting your mind know that it is wrong.

    As for Dwana’s questions…they were not vague at all. They were direct and to the point…but I guess the intelligence of liberals like you can’t conceive that aspect.


  24. Jason says:

    Robert, I’d call you a liar but if you’re just too dumb to know the difference between replying to a comment and emailing me, you’re technically not lying. And I do know that it’s entirely possible that you are indeed that dumb.

    As for my conversation with Dwana, the grown ups are talking. Please go back to the kids table and avoid stuff that is far over your head. And don’t be such a sockruckerr!

  25. elwoodin says:

    Calling yourself a grown up….when you can’t even answer simple straight forward questions? I don’t think so.


  26. Jason says:

    There’s nothing straigt forward about it. It’s all a matter of opinion. If she wanted to give some specifics, that would be one thing. But she’s not. While somebody of your lower intellect might not have a problem answering a question full of ambiguity (look that one up, dummy), I have a higher standard.

  27. Dwana says:

    Jason, Jason, Jason. You’re getting tiring. It seems all you can do in the face of unyielding opposition is resort to ad hominem attacks. I know I’m wasting my breath but, please, show Robert at least some respect, this is HIS blog, after all.

    As for me not giving you specific examples to illustrate my question, I gave you FOUR which I’ll repeat here: a) calling America evil b) burning American soldiers in effigy c) calling terrorists freedom fighters and d) trashing 9/11 victims as “little Eichmanns”. If that’s not specific enough for you, Jay, then I don’t know what to say to you. But I’m not going to call you names. At least, not anymore.

  28. Jason says:

    I would have to have respect for Robert to show any, and I genuinely with all of my heart and mind think the guy is really really really unintelligent to say the least.

    Now, as for your examples, only one of them, Churchill’s, is specific. I think that was an incredibly stupid and antisemitic thing to say, but it doesn’t really have anything to do with patriotism one way or the other. Anything about terrorists being freedom fighters is not as black and white as you seem to think. It would really depend on which terrorist group we are talking about. Remember, the American revolutionaries were considered to be terrorists by the British and while Al Quaeda sure are not under any circumstances fighting for any kind of freedom, there probably are some groups of actual freedom fighters somewhere in the world that would be considered terrorists by some. Regardless, this also has nothing to do with patriotism. Calling America evil could probably be considered unpatriotic, though I think it’s more ignorant and simplistic than anything. And I simply do not believe that any American would burn our troops in effigy, but if they did it would be beyond the pale.

  29. Dwana says:

    First off, Robert, if you get a strange IM it was from me. I was trying to IM my trading partner and accidently clicked on your name. Sorry!

    Now to you Jason. Your response just proves to me how uncomfortable liberals like you are with the whole concept of patriotism. For you to say that calling 9/11 victims little Eichmanns has nothing to do with patriotism is outrageous. It has everything to do with patriotism! Trashing 9/11 victims is an effort to absolve our enemies of responsibility for their murderous act and a blatant attack on the right of America to defend herself. Why go to war over the killing of a bunch of Nazis, huh? That you don’t–won’t?–see that is depressing, more than anything else. And so is your moral equivalency attitude toward terrorists.

    This whole one-man’s-terrorist-is-another-man’s-freedom-fighter argument is also part of the Left’s effort to undermine America’s right and ability to fight back. According to this line of thinking, Jay, the Nazi Werewolves who attacked the Allied occupation forces at the end of WWII could conceivably be considered freedom fighters. After all, they were fighting the foreigners occupying their country. What say you, Jason?

    And “anti-war” protestors really did burn an American soldiers in effigy. It happened in Oregon, if I’m not mistaken. But if you don’t believe me do a google search and see what you get. I don’t believe you think that such an act is “beyond the pale”. I think you’re just saying that because you don’t believe the act really happened.

  30. Jason says:

    Dwana, it’s been said that the difference between the way that a liberal loves our country and the way that a conservative loves our country is like the way that people love their parents. Children love their parents in very black and white terms, entirely unconditional without regard for any of life’s complexities, while adults understand that their parents are complex human beings who have faults, but love them anyway despite these faults that might make us a little crazy sometimes. Why is it so hard for you to understand that you and I both love our country but in different ways? I consider my love for my country a more mature and rational kind of love. I don’t expect you to agree with that, but it is love nonetheless. Do a few crazy people who might share some of my views on some issues represent me? Geez, I hope not.

    And just because I do not believe that troops were burned in effigy, why would I not think that would be a horrible thing for anyone to do? Do you really think I hate the troops because I’m against the war? If I hated the troops, I’d want this war to keep on going so they could just keep on getting killed in another country’s civil war.

    While I find you vastly more interesting to talk to than Robert, you seem to have a great deal of preconceived notions about me just because we disagree about politics, so continuing this is kind of pointless. I probably won’t come by this blog too much unless I happen to stumble upon it from Blog Explosion and catch Robert saying something so incredibly stupid that I can’t resist the urge for a little bit of sarcasm.

  31. Dwana says:

    So you do Blogexplosion too, Jason?! Well, that’s one more thing we have in common, in addition to our opinon of Ward Churchill. I’m sorry you’ve decided to put an end to our debate. I found you irritatingly interesting as well. But in case you do “stumble upon” this blog again, here’s my response to your latest offering.

    Jason, you say I have preconceived opinions of you because you disagree with me politically, yet you were the one calling me names and questioning my intelligence as well as Robert’s. Who has a preconceived opinion of whom?

    Now to your idea of patriotism. As I see it, the problem with you and other liberals, Jay, is that you want words, and the sentiments behind them, not to have their obvious meaning when spoken by you. If someone said that blacks are inherently more criminal than whites, you’d instantly pronounce the person anti-black. Yet if someone says that America is evil, or our troops are terrorists, liberals strain to avoid calling the person anti-American.

    You claim that your love for America is “more mature and rational” than mine. I see nothing mature, rational, nor loving in the unbroken line of caustic criticism and condemnation of our country, its leaders, and its military that pours from the mouths of your left-wing friends and, presumably, from you.

    I guess you’d say that calling military recruiters “predators and traitors”, as the group Code Pink recently did, isn’t hate but “mature and rational” love. I ask you again, Jay, how hateful does the rhetoric from the left have to get before you’ll say it’s unpatriotic? I hope you stop by once more to give me an answer.


    Why did I say that you condemned the burning of our troops in effigy only because you believe it really didn’t happen? Because if you acknowledge that it happened you’d have to excuse it with liberals’ customary if-it’s-dissent-it’s-patriotic defense which, in this case, is patently absurd.

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