This country is dying, and here is one of the reasons why…..

This pandering to the people who are in this country illegally has got to stop. This is the stupidest thing that we as a nation can do. Our borders have to be secured, and closed for now, as we do not know who is coming into our country. There are too many out there who mean us harm to do this anymore.

The thing that got me going on this rant was an article in the October 9th Washington Times, that was about just this. Pandering to the illegal criminals in this country.

Alexandria ready to serve illegals

By David C. Lipscomb and Gary Emerling
October 9, 2007


The City of Alexandria, Va., is expected to pass a resolution tonight renewing its commitment to extend public services to illegal aliens.
“We are reaffirming and recommitting our services and outreach to international citizens,” Mayor William D. Euille, a Democrat, said yesterday.
The seven-member City Council will vote on a two-page resolution that outlines Alexandria’s intent to comply with state and federal immigration laws but not question the immigration status of people seeking public services.
Mr. Euille said that the resolution should pass unanimously but that Alexandria has no figures on the cost of providing services to illegal aliens. Now the problem here folks is this. Who in the hell is going to be paying for these services that are to people who have spit on our laws and are here illegally? You guessed it, I hope, because it is coming from you, the taxpayers. And my next question is, why should we pay for services provided for someone who is here illegally? The answer is, we shouldn’t, but because the liberals and the democrats are insistent on making sure that we all pay for these illegals, who do not care for our laws, this stupidity keeps coming up. And to make matters worse, they haven’t even taken the time to figure out what it is going to cost us either……..and now to continue with the Washington Times story:

“We haven’t calculated that, and we probably won’t calculate that,” he said. “We have money designated for human services, but it’s not broken down by race.”
Alexandria must provide every resident with schooling, public health care and police protection. However, the city can extend such services as rental and burial assistance, job placement and emergency Medicaid without mandatory proof of legal residence, according to a memorandum to resolution.
If the resolution is approved, Alexandria will follow Arlington as the second Northern Virginia jurisdiction in recent weeks to take such a stance.

Did you notice the line in there, “We haven’t calculated that, and we probably won’t calculate that,”? Are these people insane? Are we insane for letting this happen? The answer to both is probably YES! This whole idea of giving benefits and services to people who are illegal is tantamount to treason. And it is one of the things that is destroying the financial fabric of this country. We have to stop doing this before the means to help anyone is gone. And this will make that means disappear faster than we can imagine. As my dad always said, “money doesn’t grow on trees.” If it did, then helping the illegals wouldn’t be an issue, but the money that these idiotic politicians are handing out like candy, does not grow on trees. It is made by the hard blood sweat and tears of millions of working American taxpayers. And I know that I for one, do not like the idea of my hard earned money being used to give sustenance to someone who is here illegally, and who does not care for the sanctity of the United States.

We have to stop this people. Let your congressmen know that we wont stand for this. I know that I have.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops
God Bless my Readers and Listeners


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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3 Responses to This country is dying, and here is one of the reasons why…..

  1. Shannon says:

    Thanks as always for visiting!

    And, you’re right. The rolldown BS that occurs from all those illegal aliens is far reaching, and every American, whether they realize it or not is effected as a result.

    Anything we can do to cause the illegal immigration to stop or at the very least slow waaaay down has my support.

    ~ Shannon

  2. lefty says:

    if only there had been a wall here when your ancestors arrived. right?

  3. elwoodin says:

    This is to lefty…..your logic is paranoid. My parents didn’t come over here, they were born here in the United States, but their parents came over…..LEGALLY… your comment is stupid to say the least. If there had been a wall, they would have still gotten in because they did it legally….unlike the immigrants that are not coming in legally. How about you and yours???????


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