Harry Reid talks of integrity, but uses none himself…..

The top democrat, upon not really listening to what Rush Limbaugh said the other day about the stream of “phony soldiers” that seem to come out of the woodwork, decided that what Rush said was wrong and he needs to apologize for what he said….even though Rush said nothing wrong and was actually talking about ONE PARTICULAR soldier, who supposedly talked to the democrats to march out to the media, to denounce the war and talk of the things that he saw and did over there. The trouble is, the soldier actually was a soldier for only 44 days, and never really saw anything at all in Iraq. Something that Harry Reid won’t mention of course because that would shoot down what he was trying to accomplish….and that is, to discredit Rush Limbaugh. Here is what Rush said during a phone call with a listener:

**I want to illustrate something for you today, folks. I’ve done it before. I want to do it again. I call this the anatomy of a smear, and what this is is a great illustration of the liberals and the Democrat Party playbook for ’08, which is underway now. The morning update on Wednesday dealt with a soldier, a fake, phony soldier by the name of Jesse MacBeth who never served in Iraq; he was never an Army Ranger. He was drummed out of the military in 44 days. He had his day in court; he never got the Purple Heart as he claimed, and he described all these war atrocities. He became a hero to the anti-war left. They love phony soldiers, and they prop ’em up. When it is demonstrated that they have been lying about things, then they just forget about it. There’s no retraction; there’s no apology; there’s no, “Uh-oh, sorry.” After doing that morning update on Wednesday, I got a phone call yesterday from somebody, we were talking about the troops, and this gentleman said something which you’ll hear here in just a second, prompting me to reply “yeah, the phony soldiers.”
That comment, “phony soldiers” was posted yesterday afternoon on the famous Media Matters website, which is where all leftists go to find out what I say. I have a website, and I have a radio program that reaches far more people than Media Matters could ever hope to, but the critics of this program never listen to this program. They never go to my website. All they do is read Media Matters and they get the lies and the out-of-context reports. They assume it’s all true because they want it to be true, and then they start their campaigns. This has led to me being denounced on the floor of the House. Howard Dean has released a statement demanding I apologize; Jim Webb; John Kerry issued a statement, three Congress people went out on the floor of the House last night and said some things, and it’s starting to blossom now in the Drive-By Media. So this is the anatomy of a smear, and this is how it starts. The same group is trying to get Bill O’Reilly into problems because of some innocent comments that he made about going to dinner at a restaurant in Harlem. So the illustration begins with just a sample report from MSNBC whose content is produced almost exclusively by Media Matters for America and MoveOn.org. This is this morning with the anchorette Contessa Brewer reporting on the phony soldier controversy, spawned by me.
BREWER: Some leading Democrats are attacking radio talk show personality Rush Limbaugh because he called soldiers who opposed the Iraq war “phony.” Limbaugh was criticizing the anti-war movement generally and made the comment to a caller.
RUSH ARCHIVE: It’s not possible intellectually to follow these people.
CALLER: No, it’s not. And what’s really funny is they never talk to real soldiers. They like to pull these soldiers that come up out of the blue and spout to the media.
RUSH: The phony soldiers.
BREWER: Democratic Senator John Kerry is demanding an apology from Limbaugh, whose comments he calls “disgusting and an embarrassment.”
RUSH: That’s really rich. John Kerry, whose own soldiers, his own personnel, fellow soldiers in those Swift Boats, at least many of them who said he was lying about his supposed heroics, this is the same John Kerry who went out and insulted the intelligence of the troops, thereby torpedoing his own 2008 presidential candidacy. His statement includes these words: “This disgusting attack from Rush Limbaugh, cheerleader for the chicken hawk wing of the far right is an insult to American troops.” I was not talking, as Contessa Brewer said here, about the anti-war movement generally. I was talking about one soldier with that phony soldier comment, Jesse MacBeth. They had exactly what I’m going to play for you. It’s Michael J. Fox all over again. Media Matters had the transcript. But they selectively choose what they want to make their point. It runs about three minutes and 13 seconds, the entire transcript, in context, that led to this so-called controversy.
RUSH ARCHIVE: It’s not possible intellectually to follow these people.
CALLER: No, it’s not. And what’s really funny is they never talk to real soldiers. They like to pull these soldiers that come up out of the blue and spout to the media.
RUSH: The phony soldiers.
CALLER: The phony soldiers. If you talk to any real soldier and they’re proud to serve, they want to be over in Iraq, they understand their sacrifice and they’re willing to sacrifice for the country.
RUSH: They joined to be in Iraq.
RUSH: It’s frustrating and maddening, and why they must be kept in the minority. I want to thank you, Mike, for calling. I appreciate it very much.

Here is a Morning Update that we did recently, talking about fake soldiers. This is a story of who the left props up as heroes. They have their celebrities and one of them was Army Ranger Jesse MacBeth. Now, he was a “corporal.” I say in quotes. Twenty-three years old. What made Jesse MacBeth a hero to the anti-war crowd wasn’t his Purple Heart; it wasn’t his being affiliated with post-traumatic stress disorder from tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. No. What made Jesse MacBeth, Army Ranger, a hero to the left was his courage, in their view, off the battlefield, without regard to consequences. He told the world the abuses he had witnessed in Iraq, American soldiers killing unarmed civilians, hundreds of men, women, even children. In one gruesome account, translated into Arabic and spread widely across the Internet, Army Ranger Jesse MacBeth describes the horrors this way: “We would burn their bodies. We would hang their bodies from the rafters in the mosque.”
Now, recently, Jesse MacBeth, poster boy for the anti-war left, had his day in court. And you know what? He was sentenced to five months in jail and three years probation for falsifying a Department of Veterans Affairs claim and his Army discharge record. He was in the Army. Jesse MacBeth was in the Army, folks, briefly. Forty-four days before he washed out of boot camp. Jesse MacBeth isn’t an Army Ranger, never was. He isn’t a corporal, never was. He never won the Purple Heart, and he was never in combat to witness the horrors he claimed to have seen. You probably haven’t even heard about this. And, if you have, you haven’t heard much about it. This doesn’t fit the narrative and the template in the Drive-By Media and the Democrat Party as to who is a genuine war hero. Don’t look for any retractions, by the way. Not from the anti-war left, the anti-military Drive-By Media, or the Arabic websites that spread Jesse MacBeth’s lies about our troops, because the truth for the left is fiction that serves their purpose. They have to lie about such atrocities because they can’t find any that fit the template of the way they see the US military. In other words, for the American anti-war left, the greatest inconvenience they face is the truth.
RUSH: That was the transcript from yesterday’s program, talking about one phony soldier. The truth for the left is fiction that serves their purpose, which is exactly the way the website, Media Matters, generated this story, fiction, out of context, did so knowingly. What is amazing is that after all of the examples of how this organization is simply a Democrat Party Hillary Clinton front group; how they constantly do this; how they take things out of context and embarrass themselves and get things wrong; they still have credible so-called journalists and others, members of Congress, Democrat Party, who treat what they say as gospel. Not one member of the media, not one congressman, nobody has called our office to ask, “Did you really say this? And what did you mean by it?” The reason this does not work, ladies and gentlemen, is that I have a 19-and-a-half-year record on this program of being one of the most devoted supporters of US military personnel in uniform that there is.
The effort here is simply to discredit people that they consider effective and powerful on the right ginning up, leading up into the ’08 elections. They cannot beat us in the arena of ideas. They cannot challenge what we say and refute it and come out on top, so this is the anatomy of a smear. I’ll show you how it works when we come back after the break. We have a bunch of sound bites here from Jim Webb, Jan Schakowsky, Frank Pallone, Democrats and senators, plus the Kerry statement that I read to you, all that coming up right after this.
RUSH: So we have John Kerry insulting soldiers all over the place. His own troops who served with him said that he lied about things that he accomplished. He insulted the intelligence of the troops. We all know what they did to General Petraeus with the MoveOn.org ad, we know what members of Congress said to General Petraeus, calling him a liar before he even opened his mouth and before they had even read the report that they demanded be issued about the surge back on the 15th of September. What’s going on here is their attempt to deflect attention away from themselves and the same issue, because they have eaten it big time on the Petraeus ad in the New York Times. None of it worked out the way they intended. They have blow-black that they didn’t figure out. So now it’s time for them to try to point out that somebody like me is insulting the troops — as any of you who listen to this program regularly know has not happened and never would happen. Here’s congressional reaction, Senate reaction. Last night on some MSNBC show, Jim Webb was run out in the hallway. Question: “Yesterday, in his radio program, Rush Limbaugh called service members who advocate US withdrawal from Iraq ‘phony soldiers.’ You want to respond to that?”

Now before you jump on what I just put saying that Rush said it, read the whole thing. Read every word……you will see that he said it, but it was in context to what the caller was saying about real soldiers. The soldier that Rush was talking about was one particular soldier, whom Rush named as: Jessie MacBeth. Now we have to know that what the liberals are doing here is working to destroy Talk Radio, because they cannot get rid of them any other way…..so they lie and take things out of context. Here is what Harry Reid said today…..taking Limbaugh totally out of context:

*”His unpatriotic comments cannot be ignored,” Reid said. “During his show last Wednesday, Rush Limbaugh was engaged in one of his typical rants. This rant was unremarkable and indistinguishable from his usual drivel, which has been steadily losing listeners for years — until he crossed that line by calling our men and women in uniform who oppose the war in Iraq `phony soldiers.’ This comment was so beyond the pale of decency that it cannot be left alone.”

The sad part about all of this is that the Democrats, when one of their own is attacked, they use every means at their disposal to get to the truth. But when someone of a different ideology Like Rush Limbaugh, says something that they can take out of context and try to ruin said Rush Limbaugh, they will do everything they can to make the truth say what they (the liberals) want it to say….not what it really is. This is a prime example. And in whose eyes is Rush Limbaugh losing listeners? That isn’t happening, and liberals like Harry Reid only wish it was happening, so they think they can say anything true or not, with immunity, but I am here to say they can’t. Last week they went after Bill O’ Reilly and failed. And when they failed, they decided to go after another Conservative, and Rush is as big as they get, and so they went after him, hoping that no one would notice their lies and their spinning of the truth. Well, Mr. Harry Reid, you ought to be totally ashamed, and I think that you deserve Rush Limbaugh an apology. Come one Mr. Harry Reid. Do the right thing for once. Apologize. Rush did, though he apologized for people that he and the rest of us know won’t, when they should……Media Matters, Harry Reid, John Kerry, Jack Murtha.

Heck, I will too. People, I am sorry that these idiots cannot tell the truth. Maybe someday God will work wonders on these people and they will stop spinning the truth and stop lying……..Naw….that will never happen……

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops
God Bless my Readers and Listeners


* Taken from TPM ELECTION Central at: http://tpmelectioncentral.com/2007/harry_reid_blasts_rush_lumbaugh_as_unpatriotic_on_senate_floor_demands_apology_to_troops.php

**Taken from Rush Limbaugh at http://www.rushlimbaugh.com

About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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10 Responses to Harry Reid talks of integrity, but uses none himself…..

  1. The consensus among prominent conservative commentators is that the “phony soldier” faux-outrage on the Left is an attempt to regain ground lost by the highly unwise “General Betray-Us” ad. It does sound plausible.

  2. Jason says:

    Pointing out what an obnoxious reprehensible pile of pond scum that Rush Limbaugh is is the job for bloggers, not the US Senate. Same goes for getting all bent out of shape over newspaper ads. Until our government has solved all of the real problems facing our country, they have absolutely no business meddling with the words of private citizens.

  3. Brad says:

    And where did Limbaugh actually use the name of the soldier he was supposedly talking about? Sounds like he’s as full of shit as you are.

  4. elwoodin says:

    First off, A lot of Liberals think that Rush Limbaugh is, as Jason put it, a reprehensible pile of pond scum, because he actually gets to their subconscious and lets them know deep down that they are wrong. And another…Brad….Limbaugh did say the soldier’s name…you just didn’t read his website or listen to his show. You probably only got your information from Media matters, and that is an organization that doesn’t tell the truth at any time….but they try to make us think their lies are the truth.

    As for Dwana, I wrote this comment to see if it was working……..


  5. Jason says:

    Robert, listening to Rush makes you stupid. Do yourself a favor, get a Sirius subscription, and listen to Howard Stern. He’ll won’t make you smarter, but instead of being poorly informed about politics you’ll know all there is to know about porn and retards and and other fun things.

  6. Dwana says:

    Hey Robert! This is my THIRD time trying to leave a comment on this post. If it doesn’t take this time I’ll know the problem is on my end.

    Robert, don’t let liberal know-nothings like Brad and Jason get you down. You are right, Rush is right, and Harry Reid and all his ilk are wrong, wrong, wrong! Keep fighting the good fight for America no matter what they say or do!

  7. Dwana says:

    Yippee! It worked!

  8. Jason says:

    What exactly is this “good fight for America” of which you speak? Endless wars we have no business fighting? Smearing the soldiers who are put in harm’s way through the lies of your president? Taking affordable health care away from children? Getting your entire ignorant worldview from a shock jock? There are right wingers who I have some respect for. They think a little bit deeper than what some guy on the radio tells them to think. Dittoheads are a joke.

  9. kevin says:

    My response is to jason. You can sit there and dwell in all the lies that your liberal media feeds you. What you really need to do is grow your testicals back and get more informed before you open your mouth and say somethingelse stupid.

  10. Jason says:

    Oh my god, the irony!

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