National Organization of Women Files Suit to Abolish Fathers Day, and What Schwartzenegger said about English…..

I got the word from the man who does the blog at Part Time Pundit, and he said yes, this is satire….thank God….But the part about Governor Schwartzenegger isn’t. I got it from Rush Limbaugh. Thank you for the comments on this one.

Okay, the QUESTION has to be asked again people. Where is this insanity going to end? Today I have heard that the National Organization of Women (NOW) has filed a suit to Abolish Fathers day, saying that it is wrong because it concentrates the day only on the father. Here is what I read, and it came from Part Time Pundit:

The National Organization for Women (NOW) and other women advocacy groups have filed suit against the Bush Administration seeking to abolish Fathers Day. During a press conference held after the filing of the lawsuit, Kim Gandy of NOW said, “the day clearly indicates that it is meant to recognize only fathers.”
The American Civil Liberties Union, filing on behalf of the organizations said the day runs afoul of equal protection and Title IX provisions and should be abolished because it is discriminatory against women. “It is time to move beyond the pattern male discrimination against women so prevalent in the home and the workplace,” according to a press release.
It wasn’t solely the discriminatory aspects of Fathers Day that had the groups aroused, but the fact that Fathers are chiefly responsible for domestic violence, childhood sexual abuse, and are often negligent of their children. Many fail to make their child support payments in a timely fashion, if they make them at all. This has many women’s groups wondering what is commendable about fathers that should give them a day to celebrate them. Prof. Hrdy in a recent TIME Magazine article showed that at best fathers only spend about 30 minutes a day with their children.
The Chicago Federation of Women is running a campaign, “What Will It Take”, to recruit men to admit their fault in domestic abuse and accept a pattern of reparations. Gandy again cited the culture of support for domestic violence among men that has outlets across talk radio, such as Rush Limbaugh, who encourages violence against women.

Now people, here is the question. What about Mother’s day? If you NAGS decide that Fathers day is wrong because it discriminates against the mother, what about Mothers day? Shouldn’t it be abolished too because it discriminates against the Father? So the question should be, Are we insane for letting this stupidity go this far?

The American Civil Liberties Union has sponsored this stupidity, and I think that these idiots should be shut down and now….before they cause any more damage. Now I am not saying this because I as a man am a father, I am saying this because the day should be there. Just like Mothers day should be there. We need to stop trying to be Politically Correct in everything because it is tearing down our society, and you have to know, if you think about this for a bit, that that is what the ACLU wants. They are as Anti-American as anyone can get.

On to the other subject. Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger talking about the English language said that the Mexicans should learn English. He said that when he came over from Austria, he studied and learned English because it is the language of success. And, of course there has been outrage to what he said. For crying out loud people, it is a well known fact that people all over the world are trying to learn English because it helps them to better themselves. It is the language of Success! And it should be our National Language. We have spoken English since the beginning of America, when the English came over to colonize the “New World”.

What is so wrong with asserting ourselves for our own country’s well being, from deciding that we will speak English (something we already do, and if you disagree, then you are wrong because it is the Spanish speaking and the other languages that are coming in making us change.) Try to imagine how far you would get if you went to Mexico and told them that they needed to change their language for you. You would be laughed off the block. They would not do it, and we shouldn’t either. We have spoken English from the beginning, and we SHOULD have English for the National Language. Who cares what other countries think. They do what they want with their countries…they should leave us alone to do what we want with ours. This is ridiculous to say the least.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops
God Bless my Readers


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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2 Responses to National Organization of Women Files Suit to Abolish Fathers Day, and What Schwartzenegger said about English…..

  1. truthiness says:

    You know that post you link to is a joke (or a lie) right? There is no truth to the story that NOW and the ACLU are not suing anyone to abolish Father’s day.

  2. Aldon Hynes says:

    Actually, I’ve found two sites supporting this!

    (Of course they both clearly state that it is satire)

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