A Good old Fashioned Blog Fight! *my turn*

>Okay, here we go. The trouble with this is, it started out not as a clash of ideas, but a new way for you to bash someone. Well, I still say, after reading your rant (which by the way is wrong) that you cannot win this by telling the lies that the liberals have told for years and then ignoring the facts that have been boldly put out there for anyone to see if you would just look in the right places. So, here we go:

A Good old fashioned Blog fight!
Jason: Since I’ve started this blog up again, I’ve tried to be a bit less confrontational with other bloggers, adopting more of a blog and let blog attitude. Back in the old days, I would mercilessly bash anyone who I disagreed with. Now that I’m a dad, I really try to be less angry about things that are out of my hands like politics. But sometimes another blog will come along that I find so ignorantly offensive that I just can’t not say something. No, I’m not talking about Valley of the Shadow with the constant talk about how everyone on the left are a bunch of anti-semites. Sure, he’s incredibly wrong about that, but I can at least relate to him as we’re both former Washington political hacks now out in California, and we both at least attempt to sound intelligent with what we write.

One time when I was looking around on Blog Explosion, I came across a blog that offended me before I even read it. By the title alone, “Tired of all the Liberal Rhetoric Out There,” you can tell this guy is looking for a fight. The postings are incredibly ignorant rants about how the democrats (except he doesn’t actually use the word “democrat,” it’s always “dumbocrap.” How incredibly mature!) are anti-american and trying to undermine Bush’s wonderful and glorious war blah blah blah. For the most part, I just ignore it and move on to the next blog, but a few weeks ago I couldn’t resist the urge to reply to a post about how the spending bill that had a timetable for troop withdrawal was undermining the war on terror. Considering that pre-emptively attacking a secular mideast country and throwing it into a civil war has about as much to do with the war on terror as last night’s horrible season finale of Desperate Housewives (don’t even get me started on how bad that show is), I needed to call bullshit, and I made a comment lambasting his connection of Iraq with the war on terror and urging him and the rest of the people who still think this war is a good idea to please go ahead and enlist. And then I promptly forgot completely about that blog.

The reason the name offended you Jason, is because you know deep down that it is true. Over the last 3 or 4 decades, liberal rhetoric, which includes the stupid Politically Correct crowd have been doing anything and everything that they can to tear down the institution of the United States. A good example of this is during this war, and yes my friend, we are in a WAR.
As I have said before, War is not something to be wanted, but when you come up against someone who just wants to fight, then you have to fight or cease to exist! You can’t run from them because they will come after you…..and the fight continues, but where you do not want it to be. I myself would rather fight this war over in Iraq, than have to fight it here in America, but you democrats and liberals and the politicians in general, seem to want to quit, give up and call it a day, bring home the troops, and leave the terrorists to their own devices. But, when you succeed in doing that, they will follow us here, and the war that you ran from will be here, and if you still want to run from it, then America is doomed, and you are dead. But it seems that is what you liberals want. Jason continues on:

Jason: Then I stumbled upon it again last night and scrolled through a series of reactionary screeds against illegal immigrants, political correctness, Ted Kennedy, Opie and Anthony and then finally, me. I had my very own post slamming my comments about the war! You should read the whole thing to put it into context, but I’ll also quickly sum it up… any criticism of the war is irrelevant because anyone who disagrees is blinded by hatred of Bush. The Muslims want to kill us all and destroy our whole society. Despite polling that shows the opposite, the majority of this country support the war and Bush. Read it for yourself.

Just like a liberal. That is not what I said, but if you want to just sum it up that way, go ahead, but I said a lot more than that, and leaving it at that makes it seem like I said something totally different….just like the liberals do, but to get what I said you have to read the whole thing, and not with a closed mind either like Jason did. The Liberals always say that the Republican party is the party of hate and dispair, but when it comes to hate and dispair, no one has it locked up like the Liberals do. God is love, but for decades they have been doing everything they can to get God out of public places. You used to be able to see the 10 Commandments at all the Courthouses, out in front, but since the Liberals, and their cronies like Al Sharpton, Al Franken, Jessie Jackson and a few select others, the disappearance of the laws of God have been steadily taken away from the public view over the last few decades. Jason goes on to say….:

Jason:So of course, I had to reply, and I offered some very (UN)concrete questions:
So please explain to us all how taking a secular middle east country and plunging it into a civil war between the various sects of these “islamofascists” makes us safer? How does diverting our resources from going after the people who attacked us make us safer? How does creating a whole generation of people who have a damn good reason to want to kill Americans for what we did to their country make us safer?

Okay, here I answer these questions again because apparently he didn’t let the answers sink in when they were answered before…. It makes us safer, because fighting them makes them know that we will not roll over and let them take us over like they want too. You have to realize, that these Islamofascists hate us. They have always hated us, and it is not because of what we are doing to their country now. It is because they hate all freedom loving peoples, and people who are free to do what they want to do. That goes against what they believe in, and they only want to destroy it, because it is a threat to them, even if we are not there. So if we leave Iraq, they will follow us back here to kill us because they hate us that much. That is the main reason we have to fight them there. If I was you Jason, I would be concerned, not because you think they hate us for your reasons, but because nothing that you say will make them not hate YOU as they hate all Americans. And like I said, not because of what we are doing to their country, but because we are a freedom loving people. He goes on to say…..

Jason: I got a reply, not on the blog but in my personal email, telling me that I’m brainwashed. Needless to say, it did not address a single one of my questions, blamed the “liberal media” for brainwashing me, and and was a big rant about how if we don’t win in Iraq that the “Islamo-fascists” will take the war here to the US. I don’t know why he would take that argument to email rather than on his blog. I replied that I’d be happy to whup his ass in this debate on our blogs rather than privately. Honestly, I think that anybody reading through the exchange can see that I’ve pretty much already done that. But since we’re dealing with the sort of conservative who thinks that spouting off “dumbocrap” this and “islamofascist” that is a debate, I guess I need to itemize each and every area where he is wrong. Then he quotes part of what I said:

First off, since you liberals seem Hell bent on your Bush hatred, there is nothing that anyone can say to persuade you people into thinking differently.

So basically, anything that you disagree with can be chalked up to this irrational “Bush hatred.” That’s an awfully easy way out of actually doing any thinking. Again, not putting what I say, but taking out of what I said to say something that you want.
Nothing except giving you the cut and run you want will do it. Maybe if we did that, you idiots would realize that it is better to fight the war there, than to have to fight it here, with no choice in the matter, because people, that is where this whole thing is going if you get your way and we cut and run. You have to know that is what our enemy wants us to do.

You’re making an awful lot of ridiculous assumptions here, and you know what happens when you ASSUME things, right? For one, Iraq never was in the position to fight any war with us here or there. And they sure aren’t in that position now. They’re too busy fighting their own civil war, and even if they weren’t, they simply do not have the resources to bring the fight to us. But as I’ve said before and will say again, if you think it’s such a great idea to keep wasting our lives over there, don’t type about it, go enlist.

First off you keep saying Iraq. Just because we are fighting there, we are not fighting Iraqi’s, get that through your head. We have the Iraqi military helping us there. We are fighting al-Qeada, and the terrorists who have taken up the area for their base of operations. That is why we are there. And no, I am not taking a bunch of ridiculous assumptions. I am speculating. A totally different thing. I am speculating from what Ahmadinejad has said about “wiping Israel off of the map” and since I know you will probably object to that thought, remember, that Israel is our only ally in that region. Countries do take care of their allies, just like our allies help us. And Ahmadinejad isn’t the only one in this war that has said something against either Israel or us. By the way, he even said that after he takes care of Israel, the great satan, the US is next. So I didn’t assume! Get it right! Jason goes on to say, by again quoting me:

You people think that since you won the last election, you have the majority of the American people on your side.

Hey, it worked for your side when you held a narrow majority, but I was really basing my statement on the majority of people being against the war on polling. Yeah….polls. The great Liberal leverage….polls asked with questions that will be sure to get the answer they want. Almost all the polls that are listened to in these times are from Liberal Rags like the New York Times, and it has been shown many times how they ask a question in a skewed way to get a desired result. Need I continue? He continued with my quote:

The people decided to give you a chance to give them what they really want, but you are all too stupid to realize that what the people really want is to win this war.
Jason: What exactly is winning this war? Once we found out that that we were there under bogus pretenses, there really is no victory to be had. What we have now is a civil war in another country that we have no business fighting. But once again, if you think it is worth fighting, stop typing and get your ass to a recruitment center pronto!

You going back to that one huh? I remember when the Liberals first went out against the war, they hit with that one….the was was started under bogus reasons….which by the way if you had actually been watching what was going on, you would have heard, from (yes I am going to say it) Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity and Fox News and I even heard it one time on ABC! The Victory is to get Bin Laden, who we are still looking for, and stopping terrorism. If that isn’t good enough then boo hoo…..

Over the last 6 years, there have been many many innocent people killed, and going against what you Liberals think, most have been killed by al-Qaeda and the terrorists, not by American troops. He goes on to quote me some more…..gee, I must be good…..

The liberal press is still in shock over the Conservatives winning in France when according to you, Conservatives do not give people what they want.

Jason:Are you kidding me? What does France have to do with anything? And where is this supposed liberal media shock? A French conservative is still probably more liberal than your average democrat here. (More of my quote)
Here is the reality of the situation people. The Conservative ideals, when implemented, are what the people want.

Jason:And you base this on what exactly?

I base this on the fact that when the American public gets the correct news about what is going on, they vote Conservative over Liberal. Also, when it comes to passing laws, this latest one with Teddy Kennedy, trying to push through the immigration comprehensive reform bill he did it behind closed doors so that he could try to push it through before anyone in the public found out about it because he knew that the people didn’t want it. A typical liberal ploy by the way. More by me….

The American public hates to be lied too, and now you liberals are the ones lying, by having your Liberal news media reporting things with a liberal slant to it….and thinking that the majority of the American public believes what they are printing. The truth is, they don’t.

The public knew in 2004 that Bush lied us into a war but they still re-elected him. But that’s beside the point. You’re going into the stupid zone by blaming everything on this so-called “liberal media.” Conservative intellectuals such as William Kristol will be the first to tell you that this whole “liberal media” thing is nothing more than intellectual laziness on the part of conservative non-intellectuals to make excuses for their own bad press. And if the “liberal media” are lying to the public, then how come “fair and balanced” Fox News isn’t reporting anything drastically different? They have a conservative tone and bias, but they’re still reporting on the same news. And where did you hear this little juicy bit of gossip…..the New York Times? The public didn’t know that Bush lied to get us into a war….you should have listened to the reports on that lie because it was found out to be not true. Bush didn’t lie.

The keyboard commandos, as you so succently put it, acutally is the silent majority who is finally learning to vocalize what they want, instead of being quiet about it all the time. Hopefully the next step here is, for them to get off of their butts and start contacting their representatives and telling them to get off their butts and start doing the right thing.

That’s funny, every poll I’ve seen seems to state the exact opposite. The silent majority has woken up and realized they allowed their country to make a huge mistake, and they have gotten off their butts, contacted their representatives, elected new representatives, and are pushing them all to correct this mistake and not spill another drop of our blood on this mistake. There you go with the polls again. I do not believe polls because they are not correct. They are asked by liberals with a liberal slant to the questions so that the answers will be what the desired result is…and you eat it up….hook line and sinker. The Lemmings have taken the streets……more from me….

Start telling the truth about what the American people really want. Jason, if we don’t start doing this, in the near future, we are going to be fighting Islamic Fanatics, not in Iraq, or Iran…..but right here on American soil. I certainly hope that you really do not want that. And truthfully, I was afraid you would say what you say next. In other words Jason, the United States is NOT worth fighting for…..go somewhere else. And about the 3,000+ lives lost? Do you realize that this is the least bloody war we have ever been in????

When all else fails, there’s always fearmongering! Even if there actually was a threat of this, your side has cried wolf so many times that Americans aren’t buying it anymore. But then again, I’m not hearing any specifics from you, just a bunch of wild speculation without any sort of base in reality to anchor them to.

The war we are in is the same war that was started when the Islamic Fascists attacked our country in 2001, and killed 3,000+ of our citizens in several hours.

Jason: Riiiiiight! How many Iraqis were flying those planes? How many Iraqis were in on the planning? The fact is, Al Quaeda hated Iraq just about as much as they hate the US. Iraq was a secular Arab state, and that goes against every ideal of the fundamentalist Islam theocracy that Al Quaeda are willing to kill and die for. But then again, if you truly believe this, then you probably know where your local recruitment center is and you really ought to get off your computer and sign the hell up. This one has already been answered Jason. If you didn’t get it, re read what has been posted here. Sooner or later you will get it.

You still want out of this war? Explain it to the families of the people who were killed that day by Islamists who didn’t care who they killed, just as long as they were Americans.

You bet your ass I still want out of this war. As a matter of fact, many of the families of people who were killed that day want out of this war. And once again, how on earth does this war in Iraq have anything whatsoever to do with what happened on 9/11? You are entitled to believe what you want, even if there is no basis in fact. But if you feel so strongly about it, how come you haven’t put your own life on the line yet?

Then by all means Jason, get the hell out of this country, if you can’t support what we are trying to do, and support our troops. You know, the ones that are fighting to give you the right to be stupid? Talk about a view that is obnoxious!

And, since you have said it at least 3 times in this post and several more times past here, that I should enlist, I would if I was of the age to go, but they wouldn’t take me as I am in my 50’s now. I have had my stint in the Military thank you, and I am not ashamed that I tried to go to Vietnam…..I am just ashamed at what the Liberals in our government did to our country to make us lose that war. ……still more of my quotes…..

And Jason, they still feel that way. They only want to kill Americans….and that includes you too. The thing that would win this war Jason, is for people like you, and Harry Reid to stop micro-managing the war that the soldiers want to win, instead of losing like you want them to do.

Indeed, there are groups out there that want to kill Americans, and now thanks to this war, there are a whole lot more of them. This war was lost before the first Iraqi was shocked and awed because it was illegitimate from the getgo. Now it’s time to get the hell out of there. Again with this Liberal lie The war was not, and is not, illegitimate, no matter how hard you people try to convince yourselves it is. The president by the nature of the position, has every right to declare war when and if he wants. Jason, we were attacked on September 11, 2001, if you do not remember, and we are doing nothing different that we did in World War II during that conflict. Wars, and the face of war changes constantly, and we go after people who pose a threat. Al-Qeada and the terrorists and their cells provide that threat and it is great enough to go after them with all we have. Now don’t hit me with the same old song and dance about how we are where we shouldn’t be because Iraq wasn’t involved in 9/11, because that boat doesn’t keep the water out. We declared war on Germany a day after we declared war on Japan, not because Germany attacked us…but because Germany posed a threat to us. If you liberal pansys had been in power then, Hitlers’ third Rieich would be in control of things now. So get off of your “illegitimate” illegitimate war and find some reality to rest on. Stop wallowing in self pity and start supporting our troops.
More from my quotes:

Yes Jason, the soldiers want to win this war.

I think you’d have a much better idea of what the soldiers wanted if you actually became one instead of just blogging about how wrong everybody is about this. On this one (again) Jason, I was of military age when Vietnam was going and I tried to go then, and the Military wouldn’t take me because I took medication for something, and they wouldn’t let me go. So I did try to join the military. Have you??? Plus, they wouldn’t take a 54 year old to go to Iraq, and if they did, I would go because this is something that I know is a fight we MUST win! And still more from me….

And to the American Press…….start printing the truth. If you did, the American public would know that we are winning this war, that Iraq is more secure than you have let on, and that for every American death, many many more of the enemy has died.

And here comes the stupidest comment of them all!…. and again with the why don’t you get off your ass and join again…..sheesh….liberals! What exactly constitutes victory in this war? And who exactly are “the enemy” here? We invaded a country and some of them are fighting back. And what does the media have to gain by lying about this war? What special information are you privy to that none of the rest of America is? I think what you really need is some first hand information, which you can only get if you get off your ass and enlist already!

First off Jason, if you have to ask the question “what exactly contstitutes a victory” then you need to go back to school. A victory, is winning the war. Defeating the enemy lock stock and barrel, which, if the Liberals and the Politicians of both sides would just keep their noses out of it like they did in WWII we would have probably won it already, and Al-Qeada and Bin Ladin and the terrorist cells would have been taken care of, but because of the armchair generals we have in Washington, we are going to lose this war just like we did in Vietnam, and in Vietnam we DIDN’T lose one battle but we lost the war because the media printed only the bad things happening and the American deaths, and not the good things and the enemy deaths. Just like they are doing now, and I continue with the next part, which is also something I said and you seemed to ignore…..(and more of my quotes….)

…..Of course, you never hear that. You never hear of how the schools are back open there. You never hear that 80% of the country is secure. You never hear of the Heroism of our troops. Get with it and start reporting the truth, so people like Jason can stop cussing about our president…….no wait….that would never happen. The Bush hatred thing and all……

Which 80%? Is that the uninhabited desert? The country is in a bloody civil war. It’s great that schools are open, and it’s the heroism of our troops that makes it absolutely fucking heartbreaking that we are wasting their heroic lives in a war we have no business fighting. But don’t worry about any of the actual legitimate reasons we, the majority of Americans, have to be against this war when that can all be blamed on “Bush hatred” and the “liberal media.”

Whether you believe it or not Jason, there are a whole lot of us out here who know that we need to win this war, and just because you liberals have control of the media, and the media has control of the polls, does not mean we are not here. I have been out on the streets of a lot of cities, and have been asking the people what we need to do, and 80% of the people I asked say we need to stop micro managing the war in Washington, and let the soldiers win this thing for us. I am afraid Jason you are in the minority even though you and your libs think your not because your media only tells the bad side of everything that is happening over there. You need to start reading more than just the New York Times or other Liberal rags that only print what they want, ignoring the facts.

I said 80% of the country is safe. That came from the Fox News channel a few weeks ago, when they were talking to a General over there. He said that the public is getting tired of Iraq because all they hear is the killings and the car bombings and insergent killings and such when 80% of the country is safe. Almost 100% of the violence is in the Baghdad area and the area where Saddaam was born. So that is where I got that one. Listen to the news once in a while.

I don’t expect you to agree with any of this. But what I do expect you to do is put down your mouse and get your ass to the nearest recruiter and get over to Iraq to fight this war that you think is such a great idea. If you’re too old, send your kids. If you don’t have kids or they’re ineligible, urge your readers to enlist. Here’s a handy link for you. Don’t be a Yellow Elephant Keyboard Commando. It’s time to put up or shut up. And that’s pretty much all I’ve got to say on this topic.

Jason, a lot of my readers have enlisted and are over there. And my kids? They are all girls with families of their own, and one of my step girls has a husband over there, and he is pissed about the way you liberals are talking. In my relationship now, I have a 21 year old (who is my fiancee’s, and he has enlisted, and then there are two girls….6 and 9. If you want, I will tell them that Jason wants them to join up and fight for him. Sheesh!

Like I said before Jason, if they would take me, I would do it. I am not going to shut up on this because it is people who feel the way you do, and the liberals in our government that are destroying this country. History tells us what we have to do here, and that is not run like we ran in Vietnam, and we lost that war, when we were really winning it. Iraq now is preparing for our pullout and so are the enemy that is fighting us there. You want to know who the enemy is here? Al-Qeada, the terrorists, Bin Ladin (and yes we are still looking for him though that isn’t in the news) and anyone who wants to take freedom away from us. Go ahead and pull out of Iraq. You will still be fighting as will all of us, because the war will come here. At least Bush had the backbone to do something when our country was attacked, instead of doing nothing like Clinton did. And if you have to say we are wrong because the people we attacked had nothing to do with 9/11, then you really have to read up on your history. When we declared war on Germany in WWII we did so because they were a threat, not because they did anything to us, because they hadn’t. Think a bit before you open your mouth next time.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops
God Bless my Readers


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About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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3 Responses to A Good old Fashioned Blog Fight! *my turn*

  1. Wow, that’s the most rambling and unreadable rant I think I’ve ever seen. You’re really all over the road with things. But it doesn’t matter. I’m declaring victory on this debate, but if you’d like, we can take it to Battle of the Blogs and let the people decide.

  2. elwoodin says:

    Just rambling like you were. If you post a post like that one, and expect an answer, then follow your post and you will see where I went with this…as for claiming victory….whose universe are you living in?


  3. Of course I expected an answer, but apparently I was wrong to expect an even semi-coherent one. And as for what universe I’m living in, it’s called reality and it’s the opposite of Bush-world. You should check it out sometime. It’s nice here.

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