Down the Road to Oblivian we go……

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History records the consequences of disarming people, both in terms of protection, in their person and property, from tyrannical governments and from criminals. Regarding the latter? If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.
Why is the Virginia Tech murderer always referred to as the gunman, and not the murderer?? Had he stabbed a dozen students to death, would he be known as the knifeman? – Dennis Prager-

That being said, can’t you people see where the Politically Correct crowd is taking us? We can’t call murderers murderers anymore because it may be hurtful to their psyche! We can’t call blacks anything but what they say we can call them but they call each other nigger all the time, and us honkys and other names that are totally deragotory to us, and we can’t say anything about it. We are not supposed to call Illegal Immigrants illegal anymore because they are supposedly hurt by this. (But that is exactly what they are!) We can’t call them criminals anymore, (even though that is exactly what they are!)

People, call a spade a spade for crying out loud! The people who come across our borders illegally are Illegal Immigrants, or Criminals. Or both for that matter, but call them what they are, not what they are NOT!

We have such a double standard here in the United States that it is getting ridiculous that the Liberals can’t see it. They continue to spout things that deep down they know are wrong, and when things start going wrong because of what they are spouting, they change their tunes and try to blame the Conservatives for what has happened, not stopping to think that all their comments are recorded for posterity, and we can all go back and bring them up anytime we want. (But no one does because that would be Politically INcorrect!) But they will turn around and do the same to a Conservative, whether or not it is actually true, and they consider that Politically CORRECT!!! This kind of thinking is destroying America, and I for one am tired of the Liberals destroying what we have here. If they hate this country so much, they should go somewhere else. This country could get along so much better without them.

People, we can’t continue down this road, without suffering the consequences of it. And the consequences are coming fast, and they will hit hard. Pull our troops out of Iraq before it is safe to do so, and we will have the enemy coming here. And people, there are probably already here with factions of Al-Qeada already, just waiting for the orders to start their new war!. Pull out of Iraq, and the order will be given.

With the OPEN BORDERS we have between Mexico and the U.S., we have no idea WHO is actually coming across that border. And in this day of Terrorism and Islamo Fascism against the United States, that is NOT smart to do.

I read a thing somewhere the other day where the author of the piece said that the best thing to do was what the government is trying to implement now with the amnesty for all 12 million illegals! If it wasn’t, someone needed to give a better idea. Well, I have that better idea, though, it won’t be as easy as changing the laws to accomodate everyone here illegaly will be. Here is that idea (posted for the umpteenth time here…):

The raids on the illegals that have been going on, need to keep going. Enforce the laws of immigration that are already on the books. Deport the people who have been here one time, imprison the ones that have been here more than once. (The reasoning here folks is, coming here one time illegally is a misdemeanor. There are liberals out there that say a misdemeanor isn’t a crime. Okay, so send them home. If they come back, then it is a felony, and that is a crime people! Throw them in prison. Start enforcing the laws of the land, and people will start thinking twice about risking their freedoms by breaking our laws! PLAIN AND SIMPLE FOLKS! To save our society from destruction, and yes people, there are many who are trying to get into our country to do just that, we have to become the country that we once were. A country of laws. Because we are in the process now of becoming a country of lawlessness. And the Democrats love it.

Now I did a post a while back that was a rebuttal from a Jason who no matter what I say or what the facts say, is a LIBERAL to the core and wants to debate me on our blogs. His blog ( is supposed to have a post on it today, that I am supposed to have a comeback for. It will be interesting because I love showing a liberal where his/her thinking is wrong, and what it is doing to our country. So, Jason, I am waiting.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops
God Bless my Readers


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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