From Neal Boortz: Moderate Muslims Speak out — and are silenced!

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I have asked this question before and now Neal Boortz has asked it too. “What is wrong with us that we cannot see the difference between Islam and Islamic Extremists?” Well, someone else asked that question too and a PBS special on it was made, at our expense mind you, and they are not going to run it. Here is the story:


Why won’t PBS run with this story? There’s a new documentary out there called “Islam vs. Islamists: Voices from the Muslim Center.” This documentary was produced by moderate Muslims who oppose the Islamist agenda … and who are willing to actually put their safety on the line by speaking out.

The film was produced with taxpayer dollars — about 600,000 of them — and was supposed to be a part of a series on PBS. Now PBS isn’t going to run it. And why not? Because the film says that Islamists are working to build a parallel society and a parallel system of laws in the West. The West, for those of you educated in government schools, would include Europe and the United States. The documentary says that the Islamic radicals are intent on enforcing a strict system of Islamic law that would be imposed in selected areas outside of the framework of the laws of that particular country.

So .. as I asked … why has PBS decided not to run the film? Because, says PBS’s Robert MacNeil, it is just too “one-sided.” Besides that, it’s “alarmist.”

Alarmist? Just what is the problem there? If this is the design of the Islamists why shouldn’t we be sounding an alarm?

And … the laugh of the day just has to be PBS saying that they’re not going to run something because it’s “one-sided.”

They are not going to run it because it is One sided and alarmist? Oh my God we are going to die! If these people cannot see the difference between Islam, which is a peaceful religion and radical Islamists which are NOT peaceful then we are doomed for failure and we had better get used to the idea that we are going to die if we do not conform to their ideals. To the Radical Islamists, our ideas do not count for a hill of beans. To them it is their way or the highway, and to them, the highway is death for us! The sooner we realize this, the better off we are going to be.

Even in Rudy Giuliani’s talk that I “highlighted” on my last post here, he even deferred from calling them Radical Islamic Terrorist’s and only called them terrorists. How can we win this fight if we can’t even say their name, as Neal Boortz so aptly put it?

People, this is scary as crap, and I have been doing all that I can to get this word out, and when I do, I get comments saying that is right, but I also get many that say I am crazy for believing this way. Well people, if you believe this way, you are right, and you need to prepare for what is coming. And what is coming isn’t going to be good for us. If you believe as the PC idiots do, then Heaven Help you…because you are going to be caught with your pants down around your ankles and your not going to be able to defend yourselves when you must. You will be the first to go under. And whether you believe it or not, going under is NOT GOING TO BE PLEASANT!

We have to start looking, not at the recent picture, but the long range picture here people. Looking at just the comments made by the left over the last week or so, will not do it. You have to look at their comments over the last decades and yes I said DECADES, and also look at how they have changed our society and made us more vulnerable to attack from outside forces that mean us harm. That is the only way to look at this, and then remember what is going on. People, we are in mortal danger here *and yes, I meant mortal, not moral*

We are running out of time and all this rhetoric about how we need to coddle the enemy and love them is going to get us killed. They mean to kill us! They mean to destroy our society! It is just like Rudy said. They want to destroy us. They do not like us. They do not like our freedoms that we want to share with the world. They do not like that our women are an active part of our society. They do not like our free economy. They do NOT LIKE US. Get that through your thick skulls and then let our troops do what they are over there to do. Stop accepting what the Democrats are trying to say. Call your representatives and let them know that we have to go all out and finish this up because we do not want them here to kill us. Make it plain or they will not see it. The politicians are stupid that way. Say it plainly or they will kill us. Plain and simple. The democrats are well on their way to doing that now, as they have already passed their agenda through the house that they want a timetable for the pullout and the surrender, (and make no mistake about this people, they mean it to be surrender) of our troops to come home and leave Iraq. This will be a disaster for the United States if we do this, and the proof is in the pudding folks. Everytime we give in to them (the enemy), they call it a victory for their side. We had better get a clue before we end up fighting them for our rights here in the United States……and it is coming if we don’t change the way the Democrats are leading us. Vote them into the White House in 2008, and you had better have your guns ready for full out war, right here in the United States, because the enemy we are fighting will come!

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops
God Bless my Readers


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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