Another Comment that deserves a reply…….

I love it when I get a comment that deserves a comment. Almost all that I get are good ones, whether they agree with what I am saying or not. But this one deserves some attention……

brettbum |

I think Bush has Iraq-no-phobia. If he didn’t he would have legitimately declared war on both Afghanistan and on Iraq like we declared war on Japan and Germany in WWII. Okay, Now on this I agree, but, none of you are looking at the crap that has happened since Bush became President. Not only has he had to deal with the poor losers of the last election and always saying that he stole the election, not by cheating mind you, but by following the election rules started by our forefathers, and following the electoral college. Then, right after he took office, things started happening. The United States was savagely and wrongly attacked and we lost over 3,000 people in a few hours in the worst attack on American soil we have ever suffered. Then, after that, the dumbocraps decided that war was not the way to go, but sanctions were. They did everything they could, and still are to tie the hands of the President so he couldn’t do anything. So declairing war on Both countries? The dumbocraps would not have allowed that. And don’t tell me that they were not in power because they had their means to get their way, and they used them all….and got their way… people like you are blaming Bush for not declaring war? Hmmmmmmm…….

Now, I do blame Bush for not doing this, as he had nothing to lose, as he cannot run again, but in the short range of things, like most all politicians, especially the dumbocraps, think, that isn’t the way things are in Washington DC. And that needs to change…and soon.
Furthermore, if he had had the right stuff to invade Iraq the way the military had been planning since I served in the Persian Gulf War then we would have won the peace and not just the skirmishes. Plus we would have been able to stop the exodus of technology and weapons of mass destruction from leaving Iraq and escaping to Syria and other parts unknown. Another point, that if you had been watching the things the dumbocraps have done since Bush took office you would know the answer to this too. Bush cannot do anything right when it comes to them. No matter what. There have been many many times since he became president that he has actually backed down, and given the dumbocraps what they had been asking for, and they still said he was wrong. Bush is in a NO WIN situation, as he CANNOT PLEASE THE DUMBOCRAPS. Actually, NO ONE CAN.
He was a coward that threw a sucker punch because he didn’t think he had the support to have a full war declared. He’s done nothing but attempt to take short cuts at every turn.
He’s done more to hurt conservatives and the principles they stand for than anyone else in American history. Making decisions ‘based on those principles’ but then executing the decisions with shortcuts that are doomed to failure. Hmmmmm well, look at what has happened and you will see that the Dumbocraps have had a very very very heavy hand in making sure that Bush hasn’t been able to do what needed to be done. Hell, like I said a few paragraphs ago, they are still doing it to him. But I agree, HE SHOULD NOT BE BACKING DOWN.
The fact that he even considered outsourcing his own job to a War Czar is debatably treasonable. If he can’t do the job, he should resign and not outsource the job that the American at the top doesn’t want to do right. Yes there you are right, but, I still say, the dumbocraps pushed him to that point, so blame them too. They did everything they could to make him a weak president by taking away (legally and ILLEGALLY) his powers, so since they succeeded in doing that, he was doing the only thing he could think of…since his powers are being stripped from him. And Treasonable? NO I do not agree with that one. It would be treasonable if the person he was thinking of to do that was from another country. He is trying to find someone to help him in his NO WIN SITUATION and is looking in our own government. That is not treason. If he was looking outside of our country, then it would be. Get over it people. Bush has NOT broken any laws.
The day he got away with trodding over John McCain’s Vietnam record was the day that Conservatives lost their soul. They sold out to the man that told them what they wanted to hear even though he couldn’t deliver.Bush did that, but McCain brought it on himself by talking against the war when he did. You seem to forget, that even though he is showing for the war now, he wasn’t always. He even opposes or opposed stopping illegal immigration too…REMEMBER??????
In 2016 or 2020 when conservatives have a chance to get back into the White House again, I only hope that they perform a little more due dilligence in picking a leader and find someone that tells it like it is and actually delivers results.You had better hope that the Dumbocraps do NOT win the white house in 2008, because if they do, then we will have more problems, problems that will make Bush’s problems pale in comparison. They will pull us out of the war (a war that they have been fighting against since the beginning). They will pull the troops out, then we will have the problem of Al-qeada and the enemy being here….because they WILL BE HERE! What will you people do then? Blame Bush for allowing the dumbocraps to win and pull us out of Iraq? Wish you people would stop thinking with your hearts and use your brains instead. We are where we NEED to be. Stop fighting it, or you will be fighting our enemy here in the states. And that will be bad……and something that you will NOT BE ABLE TO BLAME ON BUSH! Because you dumbocraps will have done it. Harry Reid is in the process of it now.
I thought Clinton was bad at delivering results, possibly the worst President we had had, and then Bush proved me wrong.
We don’t need any more proof about who is the worst President or which party is capable of throwing up a loser. They have both proved that they are equal to the task and capable of setting the bar lower.
If we had attacked Hitler with a Surger Rommell would have pounded us to death in the South of France. Instead we had the courage to end the thing and strike a blow to defeat our enemy instead of fooling around by throwing a few extra soldiers to their deaths.I see you didn’t read my last post. The reason we won’t attack over in Iran the way we attacked Hitler, is because we didn’t have cowardly democrats in power then who were scared to death of winning the war. They actually wanted to win the war then, whereas now, they are totally invested in defeat, and because of that, if we win, they cannot partake in the victory party because they have invested everything in defeat!

We didn’t use a surge, we used a massive combat maneuvre known as D-Day and a little technology on the other side of the world. We can’t continue to let the world bleed out at our hands, we need to cut out the cancer and end the surgery as we and the patient can only stay under so long. Again, something that the cowardly Dumbocraps will not allow to happen because we would win if we did so, and they are 100% invested in our defeat in that region.
In a boxing analogy, when you have the reach and you have the power and you weigh more, you don’t attempt to run a marathon with your opponent. You knock them out and end the thing. You don’t throw a surge of a few additional punches or throw a surge of harder punches. Get it over with and end it. Troop moral will pick up a whole lot more if we send another couple hundred thousand troops (not contractors) to Iraq and Afghanistan. With this, I totally agree with you, but that is not Bush’s fault. That fault lies in the bed of the Dumbocraps who have fought against the war almost from the beginning, and their power comes in the form of the Liberal Media, that will NOT ever report anything good that happens in Iraq…..only the bad. You notice that all they report about is the deaths of American soldiers and the deaths of Civilians. They never report on the brave things the American soldiers are doing there, or the good things they are doing….or the good things that are happening over there, or that the country is about 75% secure. All they report on is the 25% that isn’t. Inundating the public with bad news instead of giving the good a fair chance of airage…….that effects the mood of the people, whether you believe it or not. If all you hear are bad things, you forget that good things are happening. That is the mission of the liberal media. And in that, they have succeeded.
Apr 24, 12:17 AM —

So you see, the blame doesn’t all sit on Bush’s shoulders. I blame him for not going forward no matter what, which is what he should have done, but the Liberals and the Dumbocraps and their media, George Soros and all his Liberal branches deserve 95% of the blame. So, if you want to blame someone, write to George Soros, write to the media……all of you, and tell them to stop spinning the truth so it only tells the bad side of everything. Stop looking at the Dumbocraps and the Liberal Press as Gods, and make them suffer the consequences of what they have wrought.

Another point that you didn’t bring up, what about our troops? Don’t they deserve any thanks for the sacrifices that they have suffered because the Dumbocraps would rather believe the enemy than our troops when something is said? Sad sad sad situation the Liberals have put us into…….and they are working hard to make it worse by trying to get into the White House. Heaven Help us if they succeed!

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops
God Bless my Readers


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I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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