Taliban’s Illusive Leader urges more Suicide Raids….I can imagine the outcome of WWII of we had done then, what we are now…….

I can imagine if our cowardly leaders of today had been our leaders during Hitler’s last month or so before he surrendered. We lost thousands of men that week alone, because Hitler, in a last ditch chance at a victory that had completely abandoned him, went balls to the wall, and hit the American lines with all that he had, and more. But, thankfully, in the end we prevailed, because we didn’t have Senator’s in charge of funding for the war who were cowardly like the breed we have today. Namely, Harry Reid, and many others….who you all know the names of.

But now we have the Taliban leader urging more Suicide raids against the “Allied” efforts to stop them. To this I reply……”Of course he does, but you will never see him carry out one of those suicide raids himself……the coward! The world would be much better off if he did.”

But here is why he won’t. He knows the lie about the virgins and martyrdom. It is too bad that none of these followers can come back from the dead and inform the leaders and they’re blind followers, that they are now in HELL and that there are NO VIRGINS They do not exist! Too bad that they can’t come back and tell the followers that their leaders lied. That they are NOT martyrs, but are suffering God’s wrath and vengence for killing innocent people for a cause that is false!

In a story on Reuters yesterday morning, written by Saeed Ali Achakzai, it says:

SPIN BOLDAK, Afghanistan (Reuters) – The fugitive Taliban leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar has urged his followers to step up suicide attacks on foreign and Afghan troops and remain united, according to a Taliban Commander.
Violence has surged in Afghanistan in recent weeks after a winter lull, following last year’s bloodiest period since the Taliban’s ouster in 2001.
Taliban commander Mullah Hayatullah Khan told reuters late on Friday, by satellite phone from an undisclosed location that Omar had contacted senior and regional commanders and congratulated them for carrying out “successful” attacks in recent weeks. Ever wonder why rueters always has these conversations with the enemy? Probably for several reasons. First, the enemy knows that the media is what Americans read, and second, they know that reuters is more interested in what the enemy thinks than what Americans think…so therefore they contact them….and so far, reuters has not failed to please the enemy. What reuters should do, is tell them that they will not publish anything unless they disclose locations. After a while the enemy would stop contacting the media because it would stop working for them.
He would not give details as to how and when Mullah Omar contacted commanders.
“Taliban miyahideen (holy warriors) through unity in their ranks, should continue and increase their guerrilla and suicide attacks on occupation forces and the infidels will soon run away.” Khan quoted Omar as saying.

These people are cowards and desperate. Just like Hitler the last few weeks of World War II, like mentioned above. But we won then, we are winning now also, but if this continues with the likes of Harry Reid, we will NOT! Here is the difference…….

Then, when Hitler stepped up offence against us, we also stepped up our offense , and we “crushed the enemy” until they surrendered in utter defeat! Harry Reid knows this could happen now, and doesn’t want it to, so him and the dumbocraps are doing everything they can to stop it.

I heard a soldier (who is returning to Iraq) on Rush Limbaugh on Friday, explain it like this: (and this is great)

CALLER: Rush, I’m a soldier headed to Iraq. I wanted to comment. You know, it’s a sad day.

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Everytime that this happens, when we get somebody like you, who calls here, before you say another word, I just want to say to you — on behalf of the American people, and especially in light of the despicable demoralizing statement of Harry Reid yesterday — you are appreciated, you are honored, and you are loved and everybody’s prayers go with you.

CALLER: Rush, I appreciate the comment, and so do my comrades. It’s a sad day, as I was saying in this country, when the United States Senate majority leader doesn’t have confidence in me or my comrades. We’re the ones sacrificing for victory in this war. He may call it lost —

RUSH: Matt? Can I tell you the truth about it? It’s just the exact opposite. He’s scared to death you guys will win. This is what everybody knows. He’s scared to death the surge is working. They’re just taking the occasion of that bomb blast yesterday, and turning that into a domestic political event. The thing that you have to understand — I want to tell all of your comrades this. The thing about the democrats today — you’ve got to believe me on this — is that they are scared to death that you will win. They know you’re the U.S. Military, but they’ve staked themselves so far out on the plank that they’re walking on defeat, because of domestic politial issues, they can’t permit victory. They have to undermine victory however. If you win, there’s no way they can take credit or share in the joy, because they’ve purchased defeat, and they’re worried you will triumph.

CALLER: Well Rush, I’ve got a term me and my buddies kind of throw around. You know the term “arachniphobia” is a fear or loathing of spiders. We’ve come up with a term, “Iraq-no-phobia”, spelled with the country Iraq. Which is a pathological fear or loathing of US victory in Iraq, and I would recomment that you use this term. It is my belief that Senator Harry Reid is an Araqnophobe.

RUSH: An Iraqnophobe. This is Araqnophobia?

CALLER: This is Iraqnophobia: The pathological fear or loathing of US Victory in Iraq.

Now, I couldn’t have thought of that better myself. This is brilliant! And I believe it. That is the way the dumbocraps are acting. I love it, and that my friends, came from a soldier heading back to Iraq. Like I said in my last post, It’s too bad that Harry Reid and his “ilk” cannot support our troops. Don’t let them snooker you into believing they do. If they did, they would NEVER say, or agree with what Harry Reid said. SHAME ON YOU! Because you are playing politics with the lives of our brave young troops. Trying to win favor and votes, by abondoning them. SHAME ON YOU!

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops (while we still can)
God bless my Readers


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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2 Responses to Taliban’s Illusive Leader urges more Suicide Raids….I can imagine the outcome of WWII of we had done then, what we are now…….

  1. brettbum says:

    I think Bush has Iraq-no-phobia. If he didn’t he would have legitimately declared war on both Afghanistan and on Iraq like we declared war on Japan and Germany in WWII.

    Furthermore, if he had had the right stuff to invade Iraq the way the military had been planning since I served in the Persian Gulf War then we would have won the peace and not just the skirmishes. Plus we would have been able to stop the exodus of technology and weapons of mass destruction from leaving Iraq and escaping to Syria and other parts unknown.

    He was a coward that threw a sucker punch because he didn’t think he had the support to have a full war declared. He’s done nothing but attempt to take short cuts at every turn.

    He’s done more to hurt conservatives and the principles they stand for than anyone else in American history. Making decisions ‘based on those principles’ but then executing the decisions with shortcuts that are doomed to failure.

    The fact that he even considered outsourcing his own job to a War Czar is debatably treasonable. If he can’t do the job, he should resign and not outsource the job that the American at the top doesn’t want to do right.

    The day he got away with trodding over John McCain’s Vietnam record was the day that Conservatives lost their soul. They sold out to the man that told them what they wanted to hear even though he couldn’t deliver.

    In 2016 or 2020 when conservatives have a chance to get back into the White House again, I only hope that they perform a little more due dilligence in picking a leader and find someone that tells it like it is and actually delivers results.

    I thought Clinton was bad at delivering results, possibly the worst President we had had, and then Bush proved me wrong.

    We don’t need any more proof about who is the worst President or which party is capable of throwing up a loser. They have both proved that they are equal to the task and capable of setting the bar lower.

    If we had attacked Hitler with a Surger Rommell would have pounded us to death in the South of France. Instead we had the courage to end the thing and strike a blow to defeat our enemy instead of fooling around by throwing a few extra soldiers to their deaths.

    We didn’t use a surge, we used a massive combat maneuvre known as D-Day and a little technology on the other side of the world. We can’t continue to let the world bleed out at our hands, we need to cut out the cancer and end the surgery as we and the patient can only stay under so long.

    In a boxing analogy, when you have the reach and you have the power and you weigh more, you don’t attempt to run a marathon with your opponent. You knock them out and end the thing. You don’t throw a surge of a few additional punches or throw a surge of harder punches. Get it over with and end it. Troop moral will pick up a whole lot more if we send another couple hundred thousand troops (not contractors) to Iraq and Afghanistan.

  2. Perhaps if we didn’t waste our resources fighting a war of choice in Iraq, we could have gotten the job done in Afghanistan and wiped the craziest bunch of fundamentalist muslim theocrats off the face of the earth. Instead we’ve started a civil war and created a whole lot more radicalized Muslims who now have nothing better to do with their lives than to plot to kill Americans.

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