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Global Warming Swindle…Will It Be Shown Here?

Have you heard? Of course you haven’t. The liberal left and the liberal networks won’t broadcast this, because it goes against their lying agenda! They do not want the American public to know this. This article was written by Thomas … Continue reading

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Gulf Allies Won’t Back U.S. Attack on Iran – Tensions Rise, We Get Snubbed Back.

ABOARD THE U.S.S. JOHN C. STENNIS The United States wrapped up a massive military exercise Wednesday in the Persian Gulf, putting on a show of strength for Iran even as the United Arab Emirates became the second gulf nation to … Continue reading

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Even John McCain says the Democrats are “Divorced from reality”…..

“My colleagues are divorced from reality with this vote, and this vote is a mistake, but the war will be funded because the President will veto this”. With this John McCain went against the Democrats for once saying that ‘They’re … Continue reading

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Coming Home….Not Coming Home. All Things Change….But The News Stays The Same.

It’s amazing. It seems everyone can now tell us what to do in our own country as if we are a big social experiment. It seems that when we want to close our borders to the ravages of Illegal Imigration, … Continue reading

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Are we going to let them destroy us?

Running across this great country of ours in a semi-truck, gives one a whole new perspective on the greatness and beauty of this nation and what we have to do to protect her. The main thing we have to do, … Continue reading

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This week has been interesting….

This week has been interesting as I have been to places that I have never been too before. I was within 120 miles of New York City, and spent a few nights in Philadephia, and it was snowing like crazy … Continue reading

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Prayer points to consider for the US…..

I am going to be a little more scarce for the next few weeks, as I got my call to finish my training with my CDL which I just got last week. Dont be afeerd people. I will still be … Continue reading

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