Responding to a Comment…….

Another comment that must be posted. This person gave me three reasons why my post was not a good one. I will take on these, ONE AT A TIME, so hopefully he will understand.

first, a competent blogger would cite his sources for quotes.

My sources were not really needed as they were all over the NATIONAL television news (FOXNEWS and others) the other night, but since my reader apparently didn’t hear this, here is the source so that he can go and see for himself. In the archives section if you can get it. If you can’t, here is part of it taken from the site:

His comment on Rush Is Right was called Murtha’s Slow Bleed Plan will Backfire.
RUSH: I want you to hear these two Jack Murtha bites. You’ve heard one. I want you to hear the second one, both of them together. Because I think this is what the Democrats are relying on to get away with. I’m convinced that it is the fringe left wing that whatever pressure they’re putting on Democrats that is orchestrating this particular foreign policy. Murtha is who he is, and I don’t want to get into any suggestions here that age may be responsible for the destruction of certain brain cells or anything of the sort, but it makes me wonder, I mean, this stuff is so outrageous and so unprecedented. And when you look at Hillary Clinton and the different story she’s got on how to explain her Iraq war vote in 2002…She won’t apologize for it. She started out by saying the President tricked me. If I’d-a known then what I know now. She won’t apologize for it, and I forget what her latest excuse is, but it’s really got ‘em worried out there in the Hillary camp because there’s no consistency, which just means she’s not telling us the truth about it, which is that she was gung-ho for it in 2002, as were most of the Democrats, because none of what they were told in 2002 was any different than what they’d been told in 1998 about Saddam and Iraq. Anyway, here’s Murtha, first cut:

MURTHA: They won’t be able to continue, they won’t be able to do the deployment, they won’t have the equipment, they don’t have the training, and they won’t be able to — to do the — the — the work.

RUSH: Yes. And then he said….

MURTHA: What we’re trying to do it — is make sure people understand, we’re supporting the troops, we are trotecting the troops, but on the other hand, we’re going to stop this surge.

I have to ask again… can he be supporting the troops by taking away everything that is needed to protect them? YOU CAN’T!!! Plain and simple.

second, by your logic, ANYTHING the democrats do to stop the war is not supporting the troops. that’s ridiculous. bush is running the nation like a dictator would. he ignores the will of the american people and of congress. congress says they don’t support a surge, and what does bush do? he adds another 1,000 troops. it is FAR more honorable to try to save young men and women than to send them to their deaths so
callously, as bush does.

First off, Bush is running this country exactly the way a President has every right to run it. He has his finger on the pulse of the American people, and most of us DO SUPPORT finishing the war. You are going by polls that are worded to get the meaning they want out of them, (they meaning the liberals.) During a time of war, and make no mistake, this is a time of war, the President has, as the COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF the final say. This whole PC crap that the democrats fall back on everytime something doesn’t go their way is not the way it should be. Just look at it when things go their way, in the same situation, and there are those in our history. They love it then. I never said it wasn’t patriotic to question, I am saying it is unresponsible to do so when they do NOT have all the facts, and their actions destroy the moral of the fighting men and women we have over there. Just like in Vietnam, where we were winning, they are trying to pass off the false facts that we cannot win, to make the public believe their lie. Some, like you are falling for it hook line and sinker. Others, *most of us* are not. You can continue to think that Bush is being callous for the things he is doing…but he is doing what NEEDS to be done, so the future will be safer. You liberals have NO LONG RANGE thoughts on this….just what will be nice for today, to hell with the future. And in that……YOU ARE DEAD WRONG!

third, do you know how many congress people have children in iraq? how
about webb (D-VA)? i guess his son doesn’t count? what about the
troops who are democrats? it just doesn’t make sense that you and yours
think that disagreeing with this war is being unpatriotic. you, my
friend, would have been a supporter of king george III. and with people
like you, we wouldn’t be around to argue this in the first place.

also – john murtha is a marine, something republicans often forget.
why are you attacking a marine? i thought republicans, UNCONDITIONALLY,
supported the troops?

NO NO NO NO….We know how many Congressmen and women have sons and daughters over there. And for the most part, these sons and daughters are fighting for their lives……something that their moms and dads are NOT making easy with their stupidity. You may not agree with the war, but it is a war we have to win to be safe here in the United States. Go ahead and question the war, I do not care. That is your right, but when you start trampling on the rights of others to do their jobs over there, then you are going way too far. Just let these soldiers of ours (who were not drafted, they are over there because they volunteered to go) do their jobs without the implications of things they did wrong in the heat of battle. Jeeze you people drive me nuts with your PC crap. And that is all it is…CRAP. When it comes to being around, if it wasn’t for people like me, who knows what needs to be done, there wouldn’t be a United States. If we had left it up to the PC crowd, this country would cease to exist pretty quickly.

And no, I haven’t forgotten that at one time John Murtha was a Marine. He no longer is, because if he was, he would remember that the marines need to be left to do their jobs, and do them the way that they were trained to do . If You people would just shut up about it and let our troops…(who are more soldier and marine than anyone in Washington DC is) do their jobs, they could return home safely and as winners……not as losers like you liberals and the people who do not like America wish to happen. I do not want us to lose this war, but with all the stupdity that is going on in Washington DC, and in the liberal media, I don’t see any other option for us. BECAUSE YOU DO NOT SUPPORT OUR TROOPS. Your every action shows that. And another thing people, I pasted his comments the way they came in to me, so I have no control over the fact that he doesn’t use Capital letters at the beginning of peoples names like he should, or at the start of sentences like he should. I didn’t correct his grammatical errors.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops
God Bless my Readers


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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