Socialism is What all Americans Want????????

I heard this on the Fox News Channel today, on the “Forbes on Fox” Show, and “The Cost of Freedom”. One of the people that they had on there to speak said that ‘most all of Americans want Socialism’. I just sat there dumbfounded for a few moments as I stared at the screen.

Now, I have to wonder, where people like this can honetly say something like this, or even think something like this, and expect to be taken seriously.

Socialism really does not work and it has been proven throughout history. The U.S.S.R., no longer exists, Stalin’s government does not exist there anymore. Hitler tried a dictatoral type of socialism, and that didn’t work either.

Socialistic countries in Europe now have traditionally higher inflation, higher taxes, higher unemployment, and more corruption. Their economys do not “spring” back from depressions anywhere near as fast as capitalism does, and they usually have financial problems, even when they are sitting on an ocean of oil like Iran. You been listening to the news on their stability lately?

So, I say again…..’most all Americans want socialism?’ I think NOT! Americans can be gullable, they can be slow to react to evil. They can be slow to react to tyranny. They (as a majority) stay silent in times of stress (like now) and let the other side think they have the support of the majority when they really do not. Even the liberals know right from wrong, though they deny that in everything they do. Even when they say emphatically they are right, (when they are wrong, they know it, but won’t admit it.)

When confronted with the discrepancies in their rhetoric, they will come back with our digging up the past….but they do it too.

Today, I heard the speech by Barak Hussein Obama saying that he is running for President. Oh man we have a battle now, but not between the Republicans…Between instead, Hillary and Obama. Hillary will win out most likely.

In my humble opinion, on both sides of the fence….the best one out there for the nomination has NOT been picked out, nor is he running. I think the Democrats are starting this up too early. Watch them crash and burn. After all, they still have no concept of why they won in November. It wasn’t to get us out of Iraq like they all think. Time will tell………

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops
God Bless my Readers


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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3 Responses to Socialism is What all Americans Want????????

  1. JMK says:

    I hadn’t seen this one until lately, BUT I believe that the commentator on Forbes on Fox and The Cost of Freedom is, for the most part, right.

    People tend to want “something for nothing,” whether it’s “Free” healthcare,” social security, etc.

    Most people, if told that government COULD and WOULD take care of them (pay their rents, mortgages, etc) would gladly go along with that…what they’d be far more reluctant to go along with are all the restrictions that come with all that “free” stuff.

    Freedom, as defined by America’s Founders is LIBERTY, or self-ownership – full personal responsibility.

    That’s a grinding burden, especially for the weak, the feckles and the undisciplined.

    Always and everywhere there are weak, feckless and irresponisble/undisciplined people who’d prefer to be taken care of. Nietzsche called them by the right term, “useless eaters.”

    The problem with socialism is that it is unworkable given human nature.

    Capitalism’s problem is that it often leads to socialism as the scions of the earliest people to garner wealth, seek to protect their wealth and status via government regulation of the economy.

    Both suffer from flaws in human nature – socialism lacks any incentives and Capitalism suffers from our innate short-sightedness, as Capitalism ultimately incentivizes the wealthy to seek out, or create a government that will re-regulate the economy.

    It’s a sad irony.

  2. Bryan Ellis says:

    Before the election, my ex-wife and I were having a conversation about why I was voting for John McCain. I told her it was because I was not for Socialism and that is what Obama stands for. She actually said to me, “what’s wrong with Socialism.” I said nothing, as long as you don’t mind communism. She started to yell and carry on as usual, so I said let’s just agree to disagree. This conversation made me realize just how different her and were and that there was no way our marriage was going to work.

    Keep your Socialism,

    Bryan Ellis

    reply from Robert: I agree. But I don’t want to keep the socialism….I am trying to give it back…cause I don’t want it. Obama and his government can take his socialism back and give me back the republic that I grew up loving.

  3. chance says:

    This poll on fox showed that 47 percent of American’s want socialism. Not most but definitely a huge amount. It doesn’t make sense.

    reply from Robert: To someone who loves this country, and I am not talking about someone who says they love it and then turns around and wants to change it, but someone who truly loves this country, all of its benefits and faults, it doesn’t make any sense either. But all you have to do, is look back over the last century, at the democrat party, and the republican party too. Notice the changes that have happened. Taking prayers out of our schools, (a democrat idea and something the republicans allowed) because someone said that it infringed on their rights, taking the ten commandments out of the public workplace, ( a democrat idea, that the republicans allowed to happen), abortions (roe vs wade) which was another democrat idea that the republicans allowed, and follow all these things that took our rights away and our God away and you will see it happening.

    When you see activist judges (democrats mostly) making judgements for the people, because one person feels violated, then you start getting rid of the “majority rule” that has kept America safe for centuries. And if you don’t think I know what I am talking about here, the Cross on the hill in San Diego. It was ordered by a judge taken down because one person felt it infringed on his rights to have it there. Never mind that it was put there as a memorial for the many men who sacrificed everything for this country in Korea. Never mind that. It supposedly offended someone because they walked under the hill and maybe the shadow of the cross fell across their path or something.

    The second amendment of the Constitution has been effectively gotten rid of in two states already because democratic politicians decided that if guns were made illegal, then crime would go down, yet they never see that in those two states, crime has done nothing but go up. The reason? Now people cannot defend themselves against crime, because now? Only criminals have guns.

    These are but just a few examples of how socialism has crept into our lives..and that doesn’t take into effect, politicians who now openly espouse the teachings of Karl Marx by wanting to take from the affluent and give to the poor. EQUALIZE our society so that we are all equal. NO RICH….only poor.

    If you look deeper *you don’t have to go much under the surface anymore….* you will see what is going on.

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