Say WHAT??? The sickness of Liberalism….

Thanks to Len for correcting me…had someone else in my mind….

Chuck Schumer today, said something that just didn’t make any sense at all. And it shows completely, just how inept the Democrats can be when they think they are being smart.

He was asked, “how can the democrats say that they support the troops, when everything that could help them is not supported by them. (i.e.: the extra troops)

Schumer said that…”they are trying to figure it now now.” Now, I have to ask this Mr. Chuck Schumer. What in the heck is the reason to go completely against what the president is suggesting, but not know the reason that your choices are actually against the troops? I can tell you all right now, that doing what you do, does not support the troops, and it actually hurts the country. You cannot NOT support the mission and support the troops at the same time. Physically, that isn’t possible. Any other way that isn’t possible either.

The new Commander in the Iraq, Lt. General David Petraeus, who is 54, and has served two previous yearlong tours in Iraq, as commander of the 101st Airborne Division during the invasion in March of 2003, and as commander of the training program for the Iraqi army in 2004-05, said ‘that this resolution would demoralize his troops, and embolden the enemy.’ Yet still, the democrats push through the resolution to say that Bush is wrong and to not push through the extra troops for Iraq. People, you have to realize, this war is not the war that we had forced on us, but it is the war that we are in. And since we are in it, we have committed to helping there, and we need to keep this committment and finish what we started. We can still win this, if the democrats would stop trying to make us losers when we are really winning this. They are playing nothing but Politics and that is all. If they were using common sense, they would realize what they are doing is NOT SUPPORTING THE TROOPS, and only supporting the loss of another war for the United States. It is ridiculous to say that they are for the troops, but they are against everything that will help them. The Republicans like Chuck Hagle, are just as bad. You tell me, how you can be for the troops, but be against everything that helps them and their mission. It isn’t possible.

Another Say, What?, is this. A while back, Chris Wallace on Fox, got to interview ex president Bill Clinton, and upon asking some questions to Billy that really was about his character, Bill Clinton really lost it right on the air, and went into a tirade that was remiinesent of a child throwing a tantrum. The media didn’t say anything about his part of it, but said that Wallace was out of line…..uh-huh!

Now, yesterday we haveWolf Blitzer in the Situation Room, asking questions of Vice President Cheney, and he brings up the question asking about Cheney’s lezbian daughter’s pregnancy, and Cheney, very calmly stated that he thought that Wolf was out of line with that question. My problem here is, the media is now painting Cheney as being an “ego maniacal maniac” and there have been other things said. I heard the interview, and not once did Vice President Cheney lose his cool, nor did he “lose it” like Clinton did. So why are the liberals and their media being this way? Is it because they hate Bush and Cheney, and they will do anything to destroy their integrity? If it is, it is wrong to do this, just because they hate the men. I do not care if you hate them, you have to respect the office, and not just when your people are occupiing it. No matter who is in the office, YOU HAVE TO RESPECT THE OFFICE! Stop being babies, and start being the adults that we think were elected. I am tired of all the babyish antics of the Democrats, and I am tired of the spineless whinning of the Republicans. The Republicans need to stand up for their ideals and stop caving in to the whims of the democrats. You did it when you were in power, which is the reason you are in the position your in now, and your doing it now. STOP IT!!!


God Bless America
God Bless our Troops (at least the people support you)
God Bless my Readers…..


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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3 Responses to Say WHAT??? The sickness of Liberalism….

  1. Len says:

    Chris Matthews didn’t interview Bill Clinton on FOX. Chris Wallace did. Matthews works for MSNBC.

  2. elwoodin says:

    Thank you Len….I was thinking of the wrong person when trying to get this together. Thanks for the correction…..I acknowledged this at the top of the post.


  3. Fletcher says:

    You certainly have my support!!!

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