The Madness Continues………………

The scenario, is this. Millions of people, coming across our borders illegally, and while here ILLEGALLY they have a baby. A baby, whose mother is an illegal person in our country, in a hospital, that she has no intention of paying for, having a baby, that she has no intention of paying for the birthing of, and after, we the citizens of this country foot the bill for this lock stock and barrel, this baby, whose mother cared nothing for our laws, becomes an automatic citizen. This baby, will grow up, being taught by this mother, and maybe a father, who do not care about the laws of this country, and a new generation of illegals will be born. Not illegals of our country, but illegals of our laws. After all, why should they follow our laws, if their parents won’t? This baby came into the world while his/her parents were here breaking our laws. Laws that most likely this baby will grow up mocking and breaking too.

There is a push in Texas, by Representative Leo Berman, who says that since the parents of these babies are here illegally, the babies shouldn’t be made automatic citizens. All hail common sense!

His reasoning for this makes sense. The mother is here illegally, most likely to have her child here, on our wallets, so that her child can be an American Citizen. This law is being pushed rightfully so, as I have said. We foot the bill for the birth of the child. We foot the bill for the education of this child. We foot the medical bills of this child, and this is suicidal in many ways:

1. The women, and their families, if they came here with her, are here illegally. There are avenues that they can take to do this while honoring our laws, instead of laughing at them.

2. This is costing the American people, millions of dollars, and no matter what you all think, this supply of money is not
inexaustible. There is a limit to how much can and will be given.

3. We allow this to happen, and continue to happen, many more will come, because we are making it so easy for the illegals
to get what they want, with no consequences for their actions in breaking our laws. The law of the land.

4. People who follow the laws because of the consequences of not following them, will see, and have been seeing
that the consequences are nill and void, because it is easy to get out of having to pay them.

5. And on another note, the Terrorist cells around the world, that we are fighting in the war, are seeing this, and are making
another plan, for when we pull out of Iraq. Their new plan will be, to come here. And with our lax borders, that is the way to
get here, and get in.

If you can’t see this problem, you are living in a dreamland. They are excited about this American weakness, as that is what they are looking for. Does this bother you? I certainly hope so because if we do not stop this insanity, and soon, we will all be fighting for our lives, and not just our soldiers will be doing the fighting. WAKE UP PEOPLE! They are coming.

Texas is doing the right thing, by trying to pass this new law to keep these children of the illegals becoming automatic citizens. Not only will it help stop the flow of illegal pregnant women coming here, it will start to stem the flow in other ways too. Something we NEED to do, no matter what other countries think about it. These are our borders, and we have every right to close them if we so desire.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops
God Bless my Readers….


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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