A response to a comment ….

I got a comment to a post of mine on my blog where I was stating, “Where is the Liberal press on this one?” I wasn’t going to post anything more today, but this deserves a post. Here is the comment:

December 25th, 2006 at 7:30 am · Edit

i saw in this that you were trying to say that republicans are always getting the book thrown at them, however if you would look at the past you would see that this republican nation is always the party to be the ones to be the sneakiest and the one that is reasy to throw the book at whatever walks. For example when president nixon was in office and there was the entire watergate scandal, his entire administration tried to not only destroy the right of press(and this has nothing to do wiith political stand points, there was a republican and and democrat involved in exposing Nixon), but being involved in many secret scandals. Im not saying both sides have the faults but dont say that Democrats are completley under the law because both are equally shifty.

You saw nothing of the sort. I post things from both sides, on what they do wrong, and have done so many times….but….There is a difference between Republicans who do wrong…and democrats. The one difference is, the Republicans get prosecuted for their crimes, Democrats for the most part don’t.

Your example…Nixon. He did wrong. NONE of us deny that, and he got caught and prosecuted for it, by getting impeached.

Teddy Kennedy on the other hand, killed a girl in his car, while driving without insurance, and without a license, and he left the scene of the accident and didn’t report it until the next day, and she died *after an hour or so of struggling* in his car before dying, and he never got diddly squat. As a matter of fact,the person in charge of records at DMV covered up that fact. All of this in in another archived post on my blog addressed below. Clinton, had an affair while in the white house and then lied about it, and essentially got away with it, and you Liberals still think he is the greatest thing since sliced bread! And if you get your way, he will be back in the white house in 2008 with his wife as president!

There was another Democrat Gary Studds, who in the 80’s did the same thing as Foley except he was actually having sex with the underaged page, not instant messaging them like Foley was, and he was re-elected six times after that, and he retired in 1996, ….nothing happened to him, but Foley resigned his position because he knew he had done wrong, and was still harrassed by the press even after he apologised.

Barney Frank, democrat from Massechusetts, in the 1980s ran a male prostitution business out of his house while a senator, and only two democrats in the house in 1990 voted to censure him! John Kerry made that remark about how if ‘you don’t get an education you end up in Iraq’, sending off a firestorm of criticism, and he denied that he meant what he said, but if you watch the video of him saying that speech, he was reading a prepared text……so he knew what was in that speech, and if he knew what was in that speech, he then believed what it was saying…but he denied that he knew what he was saying, he said that he was making a bad joke, he then said that he didn’t mean it…but did he come right out and admit he was wrong? NOPE….there are several differences between the Democrats and the Republicans. I have been saying this for over a year now if people would just read what I was saying…..they would know that I don’t just pick on the democrats, but there is more to find on the Democrats side. Both do wrong, I agree, but the Republicans get hounded and prosecuted by the press and the law, whereas the democrats get a free pass on it, almost every time.

Now I admit, there have been a few democrats over the years that have been prosecuted, and rightly so, but even then the sentence doled out was lighter than it would have been if the person had been a Republican. And yes, there are Liberals in both parties….but I think I have given enough examples of stuff….and by the way….Kennedy is still in office, when he should be in Jail….like the rest of us would be. So if you want to talk about how bad the Republicans are, then back it up. I know the Republicans have done bad things. Nixon was wrong, but in all actuality, he did nothing that others haven’t done too, he just got caught, if I wanted to use the liberals rhetoric on this.

So, if you would go back and read the archives in my blogs (the one I got the information on Gary Studds and Barney Frank were posted at: http://robertgarding.tripod.com/index.blog on October 5, 2006) In there are also posts about things the Repblicans do wrong, and they do wrong…… but they just get prosecuted for it…..unlike the Democrats. And I know that someone will post a comment listing some Republican who did something wrong and didn’t get caught…..I am sure there is one out there somewhere….

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops
God Bless my Readers….


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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7 Responses to A response to a comment ….

  1. Anything invovling a Kennedy is not a reasonable dispute. The kennedy family is the closest thing to a royal family America has seen, and no matter what political affiliation they are involved with they will not see justice. That entire family is the one of the most greedy and powerful group of people in the world. I do not deny the fact that Kennedy should be in jail, i know it.

    All im trying to say is that saying that the democtatic party is beside the law. They fight just as hard as the conservative party to keep on the right side of the law no matter what wrongs they have done. Niether of these parties are beside the law. It depends on the person. Legal disputes involving a senator, president, represenative, etc is decided on whether or not they have good connections and a good attitude, not there political party.

    Im sure there are cases where people do not face their justice due to their political affiliation, and that is wrong, but not all conservatives/liberals get out of trouble just becasue they are leftowing or right-wing


  2. elwoodin says:

    That is true Mike, and I am not disputing that, the whole system needs to be cleaned up. Once and for all.


  3. im glad we can agree on that. my problem is not with the republicans nor the dems. i cant single out one group in political affiliation. both sides are srewing up. neither side wants to do anything for us. they both are more concerned about having/keeping power, rather using their power for good.

  4. elwoodin says:

    I do agree with you…but…the Democrats are the worst now…..about 20 years ago the Republicans were. I think it goes in cycles on them. If it was possible to get enough people together to vote them both out of office and put someone new in I would be all for that, but for the time being, since we can’t because it would only give the one that is the worst the power, the best thing to do is to vote for the one that is the least of two evils. Right now it is the Republicans, cause they are actually for National Security, rather than the Democrats who are saying they are but they really aren’t.
    The problem with the Rebublicans on this is that they have been in power so seldom over the last 150 years, that when they get the majority they don’t know how to handle it, to do the right thing. Bush has been trying to do the right things, but since the Democrats have been fighting him on it all along, he has only accomplished a little of what was needed….and the Democrats are now saying he failed…but it was them that made him fail. If Bush had been forceful in his ideas like Reagan was, he would have gotten much farther…but if you remember, When Reagan was in office all the democrats were saying he was bad and destroying this country…..now you know how we feel about him…..history will tell the true story of Bush, and I think it will be favorable, and the unfavorable part of his presidency will be the Democrats bickering and fighting with everything he tries to do….not mainly because they disagree, but because they hate him…and hate will only go so far in their direction when it comes to history. History will tell it out.
    Thanks for your comments.


  5. solus says:

    Nixon was not impeached. He was pardoned prior to any formal investigation by the house.

    Clinton was impeached. There simply weren’t the votes necessary to remove him from office. Clinton lied about what he did with his penis – how unusual or criminal is that, hardly a demonstration of government corruption,.

  6. Robert says:

    Yes, I realized that after I put that, but Nixon wasn’t pardoned, until much much Later…..Clinton wasn’t fully impeached because like you said there weren’t enough votes to get him out of office. If he was impeached, he would have lost the presidency. So he wasn’t impeached…the proceedings started.

    I know that Nixon wasn’t impeached…but he would have been if he hadnt resigned. That is the difference between Nixon and Clinton. Clinton was not impeached…cause if he was he would have lost his presidency…that didn’t happen.


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