Power Play – Part 1

Friends, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything.  Life, work, holidays, etc. all seem to take up the time that I would normally use to write.  Now it’s grabbing what time I have to take a breath or two and organize my thoughts.

Last month, the Democrats were elected to take control of the House next year, and the Republicans retained control of the Senate.  I fear that there will be nothing but chaos and confusion coming out of the House as the Democrats have it in their minds to target the President for nothing more than political persecution.  Also buried in the mess of things the Democrats want to address will be healthcare, gun control, taxes, and immigration. Nothing good will come from the Democrats being in the House.

The Democrats should look at France, and the open rebellion the French have against President Macron over taxes, immigration, and the lack of apparent accountability & empathy the Macron administration has for the citizens.  I read that a gallon of diesel fuel is over $7.00, and 65% of that is taxes. President Macron wants a 6% increase to fund a green agenda. In a country of where people run out of a monthly paycheck in three weeks, there is definitely a disconnect.

The European Union has an immigration problem (this is also part of the issue in France).  The EU governing body (unelected, from what I understand) has dictated immigration quotas for each country.  Migrants/refugees stream in, and countries like Germany & France displace their own citizens & support them with welfare.  This is something that the Democrats also want – unlimited immigrants to this country and support them with tax dollars in the hope that the immigrants will vote Democrat, keeping them in power.

Immigration is always a touchy subject for some people.  For me, immigrants must follow the rule of law to come into our country, whether it’s to work, study, become a citizen, or to seek asylum.  There are standards and laws that must be followed, but the Democrats don’t seem to care. “It’s for the children!” they cry. Cow patties, I say!  It’s about power and control.

Invariably, the question comes up why don’t these people who want to crash through our borders stay in their own countries and fix their country’s problems?  I’ve got a few thoughts on that:

First, many of these countries are dictatorships with failing economies (think Venezuela).  Governments that are oppressive to their people, sometimes brutally. This usually leads to a two-class society – the privileged and poor – without hardly any opportunity to advance.  Survival is now the goal.

Second, gang violence.  There are reports of gangs ruling the streets in conjunction with government approval floating around on the Internet.  If true, another reason to leave especially with the next point –

Third and last on my short list – gun control.  Most if not all of these countries have repressive forms of gun control.  Only the government (dictators) and criminals (gangs) have weapons, and the citizens have no form of self defence against either.  After all, why should you arm people who represent a threat to your power?

All of the above points represent portions of the the Democrat’s agenda – immigrants that will vote to keep the Party in power, tax burdens to support the immigrants to buy their fealty & to impoverish the citizenry (if you’re working to survive, you don’t have time to rebel), and disarm those that would rebel.

The Democrats double down on this power grab by apparent voter fraud.  California’s “ballot harvesting” is probably one of the most egregious forms of fraud I have ever seen.  Having the dead vote and the miraculous appearance of ballots during the aftermath of elections only confirms what I suspect.  The exclamation point is during seven contested elections of where the Republican candidate was leading, the elections were won by the Democratic candidate – this defies the odds and common sense.

And it just doesn’t stop there…

The political parties pass laws that affect the people they represent, but exempt themselves from those very laws.  The prime example of this is the ACA, otherwise known as Obamacare. And what laws they do pass that they would fall under, they are not prosecuted.  The prime example of this is the multiple instances of Hillary Clinton’s favoritism to donors of the Clinton Foundation and security breaches with emails.  There is a blatant disregard of laws by the ruling elite, and anyone with half a brain can see the hypocrisy, the lies, and the crimes committed by the politicians who wish to have unfettered rule.

It’s no wonder the people of the United States do not have confidence in their government nor in the political party’s abilities to represent them nor confine themselves to the Constitution.

So where do we go from here?  I hope to address this in Part 2.

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From a Republic, to a Victimocracy!

From an article that I found in the Lead.com, came this one, and it reiterates what I have been saying for decades now, we are not a Democracy. But it carries this farther, to what we are becoming.

Most of us learned—or should have learned—in school that the United States is a republic, not a democracy. Therefore, we do not have direct rule by the demos, the “mob” of common people, but by elected representatives and leaders.

Of course, some cynically deny that our nominal governments actually rule. Our “real” rulers, they usually think, are oligarchs of some sort, people who get their way by buying politicians. But what if all that is becoming irrelevant?

It’s at least plausible to suspect that a relatively new and poorly understood phenomenon called victimocracy is taking hold of politics in the Anglosphere.

That’s a thesis of Professor Eric Gans, whose faculty page describes him as “Distinguished Professor Emeritus in the UCLA Department of French & Francophone Studies whose primary research interests include Generative Anthropology / Originary Thinking.” The word victimocracy was apparently coined by Gans’ colleague and co-author Adam Katz. Gans first described the concept on his own blog “Chronicles of Love and Resentment” five years ago, and has regularly sounded the theme since. This past week at First Things, theologian Peter Leithart wrote of “clashing victimocracies” as the new, predominant theme of our political life. But how does such a paradoxical concept as victimocracy—i.e., de facto rule by victims—gain energy and become possible?

Let’s consider the matter first from the standpoint of leftist identity politics, then from that of rightist identity politics, the latter of which is largely a reaction against the former.

On the Left, we are familiar with the idea that historically oppressed groups—such as women, people of color, and the sexually deviant—need special protection and preferential treatment. This special treatment often plays out in “hate crime” laws and “diversity” imperatives in the academic and business worlds. But it’s often not noticeable that we are expected to take these people at their word about things, simply because they are members of accredited victim groups.

Thus, outside the courtroom we must simply “believe women” when they make sexual-assault allegations, even in the absence of corroborating witnesses or material evidence, and even if their story changes. If we don’t, we’re “rape apologists.”

We must set aside the usual investigative processes and just believe would-be asylum-seekers that they are fleeing persecution and can only be safe in the United States. If we don’t, we’re “racists.”

We must set aside obvious physical facts and just believe people who say their real sex is other than their natal sex. If we don’t, we’re “transphobes.”

In essence, official victim status is taken to merit instant credibility, and thus power—or at least power for those who think such status merits instant credibility. After all, historic injustices must be righted—mostly at the expense of the white, Christian, heteronormative patriarchy.

On the Right, it doesn’t take long to notice that white-nationalist and alt-right sentiments are more febrile and less marginal than they used to be. There’s a palpable sense that “they”—feminists, illegal non-white immigrants, the sexually deviant, welfare queens, social-justice warriors, and so on—are the barbarians pouring over the gates to destroy Western civilization.

Many people on the Right who think this way belong to President Trump’s “base.” One can debate whether he is more an effect or more a cause of such sentiments. But it cannot be denied that he expresses a growing sense among his supporters that all which “makes America great” is under threat, and that those who know and represent what makes America great—typically, white men—are themselves victims of the officially accredited victims.

It does seem that a sense of aggrievement drives much of today’s politics.

A century-and-a-half ago, philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche was eloquent in his loathing of what he called the attitude of “resentment” and its corresponding “slave morality.” He identified that as Jewish and Christian in origin and proposed to counteract it with the ideal of the Übermensch, who would define all values out of his vital energy, his will-to-power, instead of relying on a dead and enervating God.

Nietzsche’s attitude was not entirely without foundation. The biblical theme of God’s advocacy on behalf of the anawim—the poor, the otherwise lowly, and the marginalized—and his coldness toward the powers-that-be was indeed expressed in the Virgin Mary’s rejoicing, while pregnant with Jesus, that God had “cast down the mighty from their thrones and lifted up the lowly” (Luke 1:52).

But that verse has a spiritual meaning which, I would argue, gets turned on its head when translated into politics in the form of victimocracy. As Leithart explains, the success of victimocracy would guarantee its failure: the victims, or those who style themselves victims, inevitably become the victimizers.

Let’s tone down the victim-playing, shall we?

This pretty much explains the democrat party’s ideal doesn’t it?

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops


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MAGA Rally in Southport, IN


This post is part of the RED WALL that is coming tomorrow around this nation. Hence the red type.

On Friday, in Southport, on the South side of Indianapolis, President Trump and Vice President Pence held a rally there at the Southport High School Gymnasium. It started at 7 pm, actually the President came onstage at about 7:18, but the place started filling up at 4 pm when the doors were opened.

My wife and I got there about 2:45 and were already at the back of one of the three lines that were all the way to the street.

When we got into the building, we got a good seat, where I took my photos. I tried to get a video on here because I had taken three of them for the President, and one for Mike Pence. But this wouldn’t let me upload a video right now. Not sure why because I have my domain stuff paid up, but it is saying that my account is free right now. So I have to figure that one out.

The rally started at 7:18 like I said but the auditorium/gymnasium was full at 5:30.

There were so many people there that they had a huge screen outside for the people who couldn’t get in. I figured that there were in the neighborhood of 5 to 10,000 people there.

It was an amazing experience to be a part of history. And as President Trump so greatly put it……”on Tuesday, that blue wave is going to hit a RED WALL.”

I am pretty sure that is going to happen.

This nation has to learn that if they vote for a democrat, no matter who the democrat is right now, they are voting for the party that voted to stop segregation. They are voting for the party that voted against letting Black Americans vote. They are voting for the party of the KuKluxKlan AND Jim Crowe. They are voting for the party that wants to raise our taxes and take away our freedoms.

And they have said this outright over the that year.

So if you want to continue the good economic numbers, the lower taxes, the stopping of illegals coming in at a rate that hasn’t been seen in years. If you want unemployment numbers to stay at the low levels they are now, then you will NOT vote for a democrat.

Because my friends, they want to stop all of the good stuff happening now, and bring us back to the Obama years and the 8% to 10% unemployment as the new normal, as Obama said it was going to be. ObamaCare and mandates, which included fines if you didn’t get it. Etc., Etc.

I know I don’t want that to happen, so I will be voting for that RED WALL.

Get out and vote for America folks. Get out and vote. Your future freedoms and liberties depend on you doing so.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops and


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Dirty Politics

We all know that politics is a dirty business – not for the faint of heart nor the thin-skinned.  These past couple of years have proved that beyond a doubt.

We’ve all seen the national media’s uproar over the non-bombs that were sent to the Democrats and their minions, but almost nothing over the harrassment and assaults upon Republicans and their supporters.  If it weren’t for social media, we would get almost no news whatsoever.

Michigan is not exempt from the actions of the “Resistance.”  The following is an email from the Michigan GOP concerning the vandalism that occured on their headquarters in Michigan:

The Resistance Comes to Michigan

When Democrats go low, Republicans go to the polls.

Friday morning, we filed a vandalism report with Lansing Police after hundreds of dollars of damage was done to the MIGOP Party headquarters. This latest incident caps off a week of harassment by the Michigan Democrat Party (MDP) and their supporters against Michigan Republicans.

This week, MDP released an ad that displayed the social security numbers, in violation of the law, of Republican House candidate Christine Barnes and her ex-husband in an ad seen by at least 100,000 people, putting them both at risk for identity fraud.

On Wednesday, Mark Burton, a senior advisor for Gretchen Whitmer’s gubernatorial campaign, tweeted an anti-Semitic “joke” at Stu Sandler, a Jewish Republican consultant, as well John James, an African American U.S. Senate Candidate and Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Schuette, implying that they were Nazis.

Congressman Tim Walberg’s campaign had numerous 4×4 yard signs stolen from homes across the 7thCongressional District.

To cap off the week, yesterday MIGOP employees arrived at headquarters to discover that our place of work had been vandalized with graffiti.

The ‘Blue Wave’ is rapidly evaporating and the resistance seems to be in full panic mode, resorting to mob tactics. They will leak a candidate’s social security number, call our candidates and consultants Nazis, and spray paint our headquarters in an attempt to intimidate our staff.

We will not be intimidated.  We will not back down.  We will continue to take our message of results not resistance to voters across Michigan.

When Democrats go low, Republicans go to the polls.

We know that our movement is one motivated by love of country.  We are motivated by results, not resistance and we need you now more than ever to get involved.

Yes, even in a Blue state like Michigan, the tactics of the mob are used to cow and intimidate voters.

There are many things I could comment on concerning the events over the past week, but I’m trying to keep the blood-pressure down.  Those of us who are concerned with the concept of fair play, honesty, and love of our country fully understand.  Those who are not are the problem.

Until next time.


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The Caravan. Nothing But a Paid Invasion…..

It seems that common sense, to the way things should be, has all but flown the coop and is somewhere in the cloudy skies over Astrovokia.

Oh? You don’t know where Astrovokia is?

Neither do I because I just made this up. But that makes just as much sense as leaving our borders open so anyone can come into this country because as the left says, it is the humane thing to do. Folks, there have been people spotted in that caravan who wish America harm.

So. no folks. It isn’t the thing to do.

Leaving the borders open makes as much sense as making up a country to let common sense go to. Sadly that is exactly what the left wants us to do. Leave our borders open. Never mind the fact that if you go the other way, the Mexicans will stop you at the border or arrest you for crossing the border illegally into their country.

But the thing that makes even less sense is to start bombing your own side to blame the other. And with these bombings that have been happening to Soros and the Clintons, Obama and now others? I think, when the dust of all this clears, it will turn out to be something that was paid for and bought by democrats to blame on the republicans.

The border fiasco is the same thing. George Soros has already been implicated in the paying for and funding the caravan that is heading towards our border. And the left is pissed off that President Trump is doing the right thing and threatening to send the military down there to protect our borders. This is one of the best examples of the left’s seriously messed up set of priorities you may ever see, and probably one of the best reasons anyone would need to vote Republican in the November elections. Democratic Rep. Eliot Engel of New York’s 16th Congressional District has really gone out on a limb to help the left shake things up before Election Day.

The president has said he would cut off foreign aid to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras if they aided or failed to curtail the caravan of illegal migrants headed toward the United States. Now folks, one of the president’s jobs is to protect the United States and our borders. So, in doing what he did, he is making a move to protect our borders. That, to this so called Representative, Eliot Engel, is not illegal, you twit.

But, that being said, it is not the only stupid thing going on and Mitt Romney said it best when he addressed the bombings when he said “hate acts follow hate speech.” And who has been doing all the hate speech lately? The democrats and the left. Hillary, Obama, Pelosi, Antifa, etc., etc., etc….

But back to this so called “caravan”. These people supposedly are marching on foot from Guatemala. From there to the border is about 1500 miles. A spectacular trip if on foot. But it has been figured that if they stayed on foot, they would not make it to the U.S. border until about the end of November. Too late to impact the election. So, the estimate for their arrival is sometime around the first part of November. How is this happening? They are being bussed. Who is paying for all that has to be there for this to happen? We have to think about this one folks because it has to be paid for.

As with the bombings, I think it is the democrats and their operatives like George Soros footing the bill here to help their cause to get more voters to help “fraud” the election in their favor. And here is what is going to happen.

This narrative that the media and the democrats are pushing, and pushing hard now, is going to continue 24/7 until the facts actually come out. And if the facts support what I have been saying here……we will hear crickets from the media about it from then on. NO apologies for wrongfully accusing Republicans and president Trump for things they weren’t doing. No, “I’m sorry” from the hollywood people……..oh yes they have gotten into this too.

Jim Carrey is saying that the ‘bomb suspect has been encouraged and emboldened by Trump.’ Hollywood is doing bomb scare by blaming MAGA as being radicalized. While the leftists on television head the same way.

“First of all, we fact-checked that one and it doesn’t work out. You have no whole heart,” quipped Stephen Colbert of CBS’s Late Show. “Second, you’re the president. There’s been an attempted attack on two previous presidents today. This is the one time you can’t think of your own tweet?”

Over on NBC’s Late Night, Seth Meyers used his “A Closer Look” segment to compare Trump to a cheating school pupil. And meanwhile:

ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel suggested that threats of political violence were commonplace at Trump’s nationwide rallies. If Jimmy Kimmel had actually been watching, he would have seen that the violence at Trump’s nationwide rallies has been caused by Antifa and others on the left. Not by the republicans there. What a moron.

And totally absent from all of this is how good our economy is doing because of Trump. How good our employment numbers are because of Trump. How good America is going because of Trump. But from the left all we hear are things from people who can’t get over Trump winning the White House over their darling and hero, Hillary “what does it matter at this point anyway” Clinton.* . The left and their bedmates, hollywood and the media seem to be really good at ignoring the facts of the matter, and pushing their own agenda’s down our throats. And I think finally, the people are sick and tired of it.

We all know that the president campaigned on promises that he said he would do if elected. He was elected and true to his word, he has kept promise after promise. And the left has had convulsions over that because to them, a campaign promise is something you say to get into office. Then when you do, it is your job to ignore those promises and take care of your donors and high rolling lobbies and millionaires like George Soros who has made it clear he hates America, even though it is the freedoms of America that has afforded him his riches.

If the truth was told, the ones that should be going to prison for the bad things they have done would be George Soros for treason, Hillary Clinton for murder,*yes I think that the four who died in Benghazi were her fault* and Obama for the same things……treason and murder. These people had a hand in what happened, and what continues to happen, that is bad for America.

Right now, I think that the high rolling democrats like Hillary and Bill, George Soros and others are funding the caravan to help swing the election next month in their favor. And the bombing scares that are all the rage in the media? I think they are in on that too, to get the narrative off of the border. Watch, the truth will come out on these things…and if it goes against the democrats and George Soros, they will as always, go into hiding with nothing to say for a while. No apologies for the lies they told or the things they said to libel our president. NOTHING. That is the democrat/liberal way. And they are good at it.

Between migrant caravans, the pending release of the Mueller Russia investigation report and now pipe bombs delivered to top Democratic Party figures, I wonder just how many October surprises America can expect before the midterm elections in less than two weeks.

What have we become as a nation? The news is loaded with hysteria and chaos. 2018 has been a year full of unbelievably charged headlines.

What might be more disturbing, however, is the reaction to those headlines coming from both the left and the right. And those are forth coming. That I guarantee you.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops and


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Where did we say This is Okay?

This weekend I got to watch, and I am still watching the new Trump movie, which is by all rights the new American movie, of Americans taking America back. Something that HAD to be done to save this nation from the anarchy of the left. And we all knew what would happen……and it has. The left in their death throes of agony at losing has lost all sense of reality, and common sense, and have turned to violence while blaming Trump and the right for it all.

The trouble is, we all know who is causing it and Don Lemon coming on the screens of CNN telling us that we are to blame isn’t helping either. Robert deNiro coming on stage saying “f-trump” isn’t helping either. Kathy Griffin holding up the bloody head of Donald Trump isn’t helping. Madonna saying she dreams a lot about blowing up the white house isn’t either. Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi inciting violence. None of this is helping. And the people are awake asking questions now. White, black, all of us. Who asked for this?
We asked for this change. And the left can’t accept it. So they resort to violence and law breaking while blaming us for it. Here is something we all need to think about, while Removing the Liberal Blindfold folks.

On the surface America seems to be coming apart. But a good look deeper and you see we are pretty united. It is the left that is coming apart. It is the left that is resorting to violence and destroying stuff. I read an article on my show this weekend that bears repeating. What I said on friday that I think the left just stabbed their blue wave to death and then held it underwater to drown it, is the truth. And this will help you understand that.

For years our society seems to be losing its values and moral compass, and I can’t help but ask “who said it was OK?” The last few years have made me ask that question more and more.

It’s a question that applies to the ridiculousness of men/boys wearing their pants falling half-way down showing their underwear, to political comments that no self respecting person would have said 20, 30 or more years ago. Who said this was okay?

Americans have become so busy being politically correct that they haven’t noticed how far we have declined over the years. But I have. I have watched it. I have reported on it.

Who said it was OK for Hollywood types to threaten to blow up the White House? Where’s the Secret Service when these public threats are made? Other than the fact that they have lost the art of showing respect, they seem to have lost their sense of decency, their knowledge of history, and their concern for the consequences of breaking the law.

Who said it was OK for university professors to chastise conservative students, to only promote their liberal agenda in their classes? What happened to public schools’ curriculums? What happened to accountability?

Who said it was OK to rewrite history in elementary and high schools? As a baby boomer, it was instilled in me in school and at home that we learn history so that we don’t repeat it. We seem now determined to repeat the part of our history that was divisive and segregated.

Who said it was OK for our elected officials to believe they are there to represent illegal immigrant rights? What rights? They are duly elected to represent “we the people” and uphold the U.S. Constitution. Those same officials (Schumer, Pelosi, etc.) keep using the phrase “we are a nation of immigrants” in their daily talking points.

We are not a nation of immigrants as the various protestors and mainstream media keep saying. Less than 14 percent of the U.S. population at most are immigrants. We ARE, in reality, a nation built by immigrants. Those immigrants assimilated as quickly as possible, learned English and couldn’t wait to be able to refer to themselves as Americans! They didn’t refer to themselves as Italian-Americans, Irish-Americans, German-Americans, etc.

It was considered an honor and a privilege to be able to immigrate to this country, and for the people trying to immigrate legally today, it still is.

Who said it was OK to just walk in, cut in line, and then demand benefits, demand changes to our laws and Constitution? Tell me any other country that would allow that.

I believe a lot of the decline in manners, work ethic, dress and language over the years (especially between 2009 and 2016) led to the awakening of the American people who chose to vote for a businessman as president, so this country could start being run like a business.

As a country with its main doctrine citing “we the people”, the people chose to get back to our roots, to let their voice be heard and were just sick and tired of politicians telling us what was good for us. We don’t work for them, they work for us and they had forgotten to work and vote based on what their constituents wanted. And, we decided that was no longer OK. We decided to take our country back.

These are the reasons for Donald Trump folks. And the reasons why he stays popular even with all the violence that has been perpetrated by the left while blaming the right. We all know where it is coming from…..even though the left thinks we don’t. We are going to be Making America Great Again. And it will continue as long as I have anything to say about it, because who said it was okay?

We the people have to take our country back from the tyranny of the left, and the wrongness that has pervaded our great nation from the left and their many minions.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops


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Hearings From Hell

Watching the circus that was supposed to be a Senate Judiciary Committee evaluation of a Supreme Court candidate, I could not believe what the Democrats had done. The timing of the accusations has all the earmarks of the Democrat’s attempt to discredit, delay, and eventually minimize if not disqualify one of the most qualified judges that has been nominated to the position. We, as Americans, should be extremely concerned over the handling of this entire matter.

“This whole two-week effort has been a calculated and orchestrated political hit, fueled with apparent pent-up anger about President Trump and the 2016 election, fear that has been unfairly stoked about my judicial record, revenge on behalf of the Clintons and millions of dollars in money from outside left-wing opposition groups.” – Judge Brett Kavenaugh, Opening Statement, Senate Judiciary Hearing, September 27, 2018.

I agree with Judge Kavenaugh on several points – this is a political hit job by the Democrats, Dr. Ford was probably assaulted at some point in her life, and it wasn’t him.

To me, Dr. Ford is not a credible witness. I know of several women who have been sexually assaulted, and they remember every single excruciating detail including time, place, circumstances, and what was done. She, one the other hand, can’t seemingly remember relevant details of what amounts to a teenage groping incident, and is not a full blown assault. Equally damaging to her credibility is the fact that her social media accounts were scrubbed prior to her coming out as the accusing party. Again, perhaps the incident did occur, but given her reputation as a party girl that has been given in the media, she has confused who did what and when. What clinched the last for me was that her good friend stated that the incident did not occur.

Judge Kavenaugh, on the other hand, was very credible. He had calendars and notes, as well as dozens of character witnesses including many women who have stated that he could not and would not have done such a thing. Years and years of interactions with women, and not one peep of impropriety. On top of that, a half-dozen FBI background checks which went much deeper that what is currently required by the Judiciary Committee.

So what’s left?

“Boy, you all want power. God, I hope you never get it. I hope the American people can see through this sham.” – Senator Lindsey Graham, Senate Judiciary Hearing, September 27, 2018.

That’s right, power.

Elevating Judge Kavenaugh to the Supreme Court would severely limit the Democrat’s ability to legislate from the Supreme Court. One such example was Roe v Wade (note: read the notes that are on Wikipedia concerning this decision, and one cannot conclude otherwise that the Supreme Court ruled in such a fashion that is not consistent with the Constitution). Challenges to lower court rulings coming before the Supreme Court with a Constitutional-leaning majority would result in the majority of left-wing rulings being overturned. This would cramp or hinder their quest for getting policies and laws that would otherwise not be possible through the legislatures.

Let’s explore one example…

One of the hysterical assertions that the Liberal Democrats have been screaming about is that the elevation of Judge Kavenaugh to the Supreme Court that Roe v. Wade would be overturned, and “hundreds of women would die from back-alley abortions.” Should a challenge to Roe v. Wade be presented to the Court, it could very well be overturned, and the responsibility of regulating abortion be returned to the States (it should never have been a Federal matter to begin with).

So what does this matter? States would once again be responsible for regulating abortions as before, and the woman’s right to privacy would be re-argued on the State level. The citizens of the State would then hold their State Legislators to the standards that they deem necessary.

So again, why the problem with allowing States to regulate abortion while following current HIPA laws?

In short, money and power.

I read the other day that the political arm of Planned Parenthood was contributing $30+ million toward Democratic candidates. Should Roe v. Wade be overturned, the money for candidates at the Federal level dries up as there is no longer a reason to help fund the campaigns of friendly House, Senate, and Presidential candidates.

Planned Parenthood is also funded with $500,000,000 of Federal taxpayer dollars per year. While that money is, by law, not to fund abortions, what it does do is free up other money in the organization to perform abortions. So in a round-a-bout way, taxpayer money is funding abortions. Should Roe v. Wade be overturned, that $500,000,000 has a very real chance of being cut if not entirely going away.

That’s the money angle – what about power?

The Democrat Party has stood on the bloody platform of abortion for years, lumping the “procedure” in with the “women’s health” issue as well as stating abortion is a Constitutional “right”. By combining these issues into one, the mere thought of a “right” being taken away with certain death women as the outcome stirs up the emotions. FiveThirtyEight.com had this:

“The number of Democratic women in Congress has surged in the last two decades, and now about a third of Democrats in Congress are female. Many of those women got support from the group Emily’s List, which supports female Democratic candidates, but only those who back abortion rights. Planned Parenthood, which provides reproductive health services, including abortions, is deeply enmeshed in Democratic politics. Its political action committee invests heavily to help the party win elections.

“The essential issue with abortion [among Democrats] is that it’s not about access to a perfectly legal health choice,” Chatelain said. “It’s about all of the issues around state rights, around privacy, about gender and the family, about wages, I think abortion has become a proxy for a number of very complicated issues. … It’s about so much more on the left.”

In other words, supporting abortion (through Planned Parenthood) leads to political positions and power.

Are there other examples? Yes, there are. I would get into the 2nd Amendment issues that the Democrat Party fears, but my time is limited today. Just take my word for it that the Democrats would go for a full repeal on the 2nd Amendment if they could a la Diane Fienstein.

Here’s the bottom line on all of this: The Democrats will use every means necessary to block, delay, or destroy a Trump Supreme Court nominee. They believe that the means they use will justify achieving any political goal they have, no matter whom they destroy in the process.

After all, if they are willing to stand in the blood of the unborn, they have no limits on the personal destruction of a person’s character or life.

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