Why Is This Being Allowed?

It seems that Washington DC always had a certain way they did things. There was an unspoken rule that was always, or most always adhered too. Incoming Senators and Congressmen would usually sit quiet and learn the way of the city, and during their so called “freshmen” year, and were urged to ‘keep quiet and learn’.

If you remember when Senator Ted Cruz became a Senator, and he tried to speak up, he was told by both parties, ‘that is not the way things are done here. Quiet down and learn the way before speaking up.’

WELL, that doesn’t seem to matter now. Well, if the offending speakers were republicans or Conservative, it would still matter, but the offending people are two women, and democrat to boot!

The subject of today’s post, Representative Ilhan Omar *Democrat of Minnesota* and what she is doing is downright stupid if I may be able to use the correct term here. She posted two tweets, that completely contradict each other:

“This is an outrage. I’m hearing from TSA workers back in Minnesota who STILL haven’t received backpay after the shutdown. All workers affected by the shutdown — including contractors — deserve backpay!” Now this one is not the stupid one. Demanding backpay is not a bad thing to say. But less than an hour later, she tweeted this one: “When Democrats stood our ground last month, we proved that Individual 1 does not have the public support to ram his hateful wall through Congress. Let’s stand firm: #Not1Dollar for DHS.”

Now folks we have to realize here what this woman is saying. She tweeted that we MUST pay our workers affected by the shutdown – including contracters – to get their back pay. Then she tweets less than an hour later one that says they shouldn’t get paid at all. REALLY ms ohmar? REALLY?

Let’s break this down here shall we? She said the TSA workers deserve their backpay. Okay….that is good. Because they do. But then she said that “individual 1” or the President, which is an incredibly immature and disrespectful thing to say about the president, is pretty much causing all this and that DHS needs to be defunded.

Playing along for a moment and following that suggestion to defund DHS to its natural conclusion, The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra listed all of the governmental agencies that are funded through DHS and noted in a tweet, “Omar is calling for the destruction of agencies that keep America safe.” Those agencies that are funded through DHS?

ICEOh what a surprise here. The democrats have been working to defund ICE for a long time.


-TSA Now ms Omar. We going to pay these people their backpay or are we going to defund them and not pay them at all? Make up your incredibly naive mind here.

-Secret Service This group of specialized people protects the president, so it’s small wonder that she wants this group defunded. After all to the likes of her, President Trump doesn’t deserve protection. And if they succeed in doing this? All will be fine till a Democrat gets elected, then this same woman will probably want DHS funded to make sure her president is protected.

-FEMA Again, this group helps with disasters and helping to keep Americans safe. And she wants the group that funds FEMA defunded? Again, I have to ask. Why is she in Congress?


-Coast Guard Another agency that keeps America safe. Really ms Omar? Really

-Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) We have to stop here and look at what the hell is going on in our government. Right now, we have the democrats who took over the House in January, and since then, they have been demanding all kinds of things which makes them seem like they are the ones completely charge here. UH folks, no they are not. And someone needs to tell them that.

Think back on this, when the Democrats had the Senate, and the White House, while the Republicans had the House. Did you hear the Repubilcans saying things like this? NO YOU DIDN’T. Not only because it wouldn’t have been right to do, but they didn’t have the power. Even when they took the Senate they weren’t allowed, by the democrats, to do anything.

Then the Republicans held the House the Senate and the White House, and the democrats still wouldn’t allow them to do anything…..though they could have pushed through anything they wanted.

So, why is it, that the democrats only hold the house, and they are allowed to disrupt they whole of Government? Something here doesn’t smell right.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops
We will NOT be Ruled!


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The Bell is not always heard – AGAIN!

From a post I did in January of 2008, I did one called The Bell is not always heard.

This is a great post in that it showed the problems society was having at the time from Kids and adults who had NO CONSEQUENCES to their actions….because the PC police said they weren’t being bad. They were only victims. I am posting this one again because today it is even more true that it was in 2008 when this one was originally posted by me. So here again is The Bell is not always Heard.

The Bell is not always heard…..

Jan 13, 2008

One of the things that people seem to forget, is that the WARNING BELL that has been going off for the last several decades, about things that are going wrong with our society, is not something that is always heard. And our representatives in Washingtons’ high places have done what they can to make the constant clanging and the din of warning fade into the background. How you ask? It is simple.

This process that has been used has taken a long time to come to fruition. It started back in the times that we all look at as the idillic times of this nation, when people had other things to worry about. Like the cold war and the big bomb dropping out of the sky. Morals were high, and the thought of premarital sex was not thought of as “normal”, as it is today.

A woman, who wasn’t married, who was pregnant was thought of as a slut…..today, she is thought of only as an unwed mother. Teenage pregnancies were not common, but today they are. Back then, sex was thought of as something that two people who were in love and married did. Seldom was it done by people who were not married, because we were afraid of getting a girl pregnant, and back then, most of the girls wouldn’t let you get that far. Sex was taught in the home, and even though we didn’t really get sat down to learn about it, we learned enough to make us not really want to do too much before we got married because of the fear of the “clap” or of getting a woman pregnant. But now? It is thought of as something that people do for recreation. Abortion on demand is now prevalent.

Through the years of the liberals meandering in our lives, we were slowly made to think that bad things wouldn’t happen if we had sex before marriage, (something that we are finding out was not the truth) and slowly the women started to know that they could have sex too. Suddenly we were having troubles with our morals, as premarital sex was happening all the time, and the “clap” (that we were afraid of when we were kids) became something worse, and our morals went farther and farther down the tubes, as more and more things that used to be taboo were made to be normal.

I remember growing up, on the weekends, we kids would go out and play football, or hide and seek or something. We would play cowboys and Indians with no one getting offended by the fact that we were killing indians. We played with toy guns with “caps” in them so they would make noise. No one really died because we knew it was pretend. If you did something wrong, you got in trouble for it. Now, the liberal way of thinking goes, if you do something wrong you are not wrong, you are only a victim. You are a victim of your circumstances.

All I have to say to this PC batcrap is that sure there are victims. But not everyone is. That is where this politically correct stuff has led us.

When we were kids, if we did something wrong, say at school, we got sent to the principles office, and there we got a few whacks with a belt or a paddle from the principle, BUT that was not the end of it. The principle, *gasp* then called our parents, sometimes with us in the room so we could hear what he had to say! And when we got home, we found out that the principle of the school had indeed told them what we had done, and we got in trouble again. The parents sided with the principle!!! In my day we were afraid to do things like take guns to school, even toy guns, because we would not only get it at school, but also at home. Even toy guns stayed at home, because of our fear of punishment! And getting it at home was always worse. The punishment usually lasted for a while too, because not only would we get a spanking, but usually we would get grounded too. If friends came over to play, they were sent home by our parents after being told what we did, and that we were grounded. How humiliating that was! See why most of us turned out good? The humiliation didn’t destroy our psyche, it strengthened it.

Back in about 1975, I remember some friends of mine who had two kids. One was the best mannered little boy you would ever want to meet. The other was only about 8 months old. Both boys were good, and very seldom ever gave their parents any troubles.

One night, we all went to the Kettle Restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where I lived at the time, for an evening meal and dessert, and for some reason, that night, the little boy decided to act up. After taking this for about 20 minutes, the mom, who had it in her rights to do at the time, took the little boy into the bathroom and gave him a spanking. During the spanking, some “ole biddy” and I use the term loosely, came in and took offense to what my friend was doing and turned her into the Child protective Services.

At the hearing for the matter, I spoke, telling the judge that “this whole thing about reporting a parent when they were disciplining their kid for acting up was going to backfire on them”, because ‘the day was going to come, when “old biddies” like the reporting woman (who was not old by the way) would continue to do this until it became illegal to spank your kids.’ (In Indiana this has already happened!) ‘Then the kids will become hoodlums because there will be no consequences to their actions, and then, we will all start asking ourselves what happened.’

All of this has come true. Kids, according to the PC Police, are no longer bad……….they are only victims. They bring guns to schools, and go on murderous rampages, killing people, and everyone is asking what the heck happened?

What happened people, is the politically correct view that no one is bad. They are only victims of their circumstances. No one deserves to be punished for being bad, because they are only acting up in resistance to their situations. This is bullcrap people. Kids do bad things. People do bad things. There are bad people as well as good people.

The only way that kids will learn right from wrong, is to be punished for being bad, and to be praised for doing the right things, and to be loved.

Unfortunately, even the loving part isn’t there a lot anymore.

A lot of kids grow up with the knowledge that they were a mistake that should never have happened. First off, there are some things that should be done with the kids of today.

They HAVE to be loved. Unconditionally. They are kids and dependent on us for their upbringing and their good will. They have to learn that there is a higher power that is over all of us, whether you believe in God or not, kids have to know that they are important, not only to you the parents, but to God also.

Kids have to grow up knowing that there are always consequences to their actions, good or badAlways They have to grow up knowing that if they do something bad, they will be punished. They also have to know that if they do something good, that they will be praised. That has to go both ways. The Liberal establishment of the pressand the PC police have made it so that there are no consequences to breaking our laws. The illegals are praised as good people who are only victims of their circumstances and in need of our compassion, not to be punished for breaking our laws. The problem with that way of thinking is, that the PC police also go 180° out of that way of thinking, when the offender is a white, Christian Republican. And this way of thinking goes all the way to the top of our government. Any Conservative in our government is wrong no matter what they do, but the liberals are not. Now, before any of you come at me for that statement, there are exceptions to this rule. There are Republicans who do wrong and rightfully get in trouble for it…..and conversely, there are Democrats who do wrong and get in trouble, but the Democrats only get in trouble if it actually somehow hits the news and people find out what they did. If it doesn’t, the bad doing is hidden from the public and dropped. If it comes up in the future, they say that bringing up something that happened years ago isn’t relevant anymore. Unless, of course it has something to do with a Republican. And they are never called on this.

This is something that I have never understood. I don’t understand how they get away with this, but they always do.

This kind of thinking has got to stop because if it doesn’t, thoughts like this will only end up further destroying the fabric of our country. It has already made us apologizers for doing what we do as a nation to keep ourselves safe and sovereign, even though what we have apologized for is nothing more than any other country in the same situation would do and has done. Can’t you see that this has led us down the wrong path? Can’t you see that we have to stop this before it completely destroys this nation? Or is this what you liberals want? I think it is. So, you see, the bell that tolls, is not always heard.


God Bless America
God Bless our Troops and their Mission
God Bless my readers and Listeners on Blog Talk Radio


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The Party of Death

Friends, it’s been a while since I’ve posted, and for that I apologize. Not that I haven’t thought about it multiple times. Like many of you, I’ve been watching the unbelievable political circus that seems to have no end to the insanity. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that it’s going to end anytime soon.

I truly am beginning to believe that the Democrats are the Party of Death. Death upon demand to the unwanted and innocent, public shaming of those who do not bow down to their mantra, endless persecution to those in power who oppose the insane policies of the Democratic Party, and division to all so as to easily control the rest. In other words, Death to the Republic.

By no means is the following a complete list of the egregious actions of the Democrat Party, just the most outrageous.

The first is the outrageous passage of the law in New York permitting late term abortions on babies (yes, babies!) that are viable outside the womb. Worse and most disturbing part of this was the outright celebration of the New York legislature and Governor when this law passed.

Now please forgive me for the following rant…

The legal definitions of a fetus are rooted in the manipulations of the Supreme Court in 1973 in order to satisfy the Due Process clause of the 14th Amendment. Indeed, any legal definition of a fetus must ignore the fact that the “clump of cells” is a developing human being, and is thus alive. Thus, the legality is met that the “clump of cells” is akin to cancer, is like a diseased foreign body, and can be removed without fear of prosecution for the murder of another human being.

Because that is exactly what it is. Murder.

I fully understand that people make mistakes, and sometimes that mistake results in the miracle of life. However, one should not compound that mistake by murdering an innocent baby. I know a couple of women that have had abortions and have told me in confidence that they regret and mourn for their aborted babies, and wish they had not done it.

For politicians to not only celebrate the passage of such a law that legalizes murder but to also extend taxpayer funding to an organization that provides such services is an abomination to the American Citizen and God.

End rant…

Second is the radicalization and hypocrisy of the Democrat Party. This could be split into several posts, but I’ll do my best to briefly summarize it all in a few paragraphs.

The apparent embracing of the failed philosophy of Socialism is being promoted front and center as the cornerstone of the Democrat Party’s platform. Examples abound from history (the latest from Venezuela) of the destructiveness of this philosophy as a governmental system. And yet the touting of Socialism to cure all the ills from healthcare to social injustice is being promoted by the Democrat Party.

For the Democrat Party to foist Socialism upon the rest of the country, they would need to turn the country into California. California is almost totally under the Democrat’s control. Every week we hear about new taxes and laws being passed that defy common sense (banning plastic drinking straws, for instance). This is where the following comes into play: Immigration and Voting.

One of the biggest fights between President Trump and the Democrats that we have seen is on the issue of Immigration. The Democrats are all for the status-quo, which allows almost unlimited immigration from countries that are socialist in nature, which means that the majority of the immigrants would vote for Democrat Party candidates. President Trump (and some, but not all Republicans) are for building a barrier and restricting/reforming immigration policies & laws to something approaching common sense and sanity. Where this is going to end is anyone’s guess at this point in time.

Voting is a sore point with the Democrats. The Hildebeast lost the last election due to the Electoral College vote, but won the popular vote. There is a movement by Democrat controlled State legislatures to circumvent the Electoral College, but that probably will be challenged in the courts.

Of more concern is voter fraud, which is exacerbated by “motor-voter” laws and the objections of Democrats to voter ID laws. Election boards are required by law to purge their voter roles periodically, but don’t since that will allow for election fraud from both parties (although it does seem to benefit Democrats more than Republicans). The last election saw the practice of “ballot harvesting,” of which lends itself to fraud.

The basis of our Republic is the ability of the American citizen to be heard by the government. One of those ways is by the election of officials through voting. The voting system must therefore be beyond reproach. As it stands today, it is not, and is suspect in Democrat-controlled states like California and cities like Chicago.

The Democrats are also no strangers to hypocrisy. For instance:

  • Several years ago, all the leading Democrats (Pelosi, Schumer, Reid, Obama, et. al.) all stated that a wall on our Southern border was necessary. Now they are opposed to it politically because President Trump (a Republican) made it a campaign promise.
  • If a Democrat is credibly accused of sexual or racial misconduct, it’s no big deal. If a Republican even has a hint of sexual or racial misconduct, it’s scorched earth to remove or defame that person. Think of the verifiable actions of Governor Ralph Northam, Senator Corey Booker, former Represenative Barney Frank, and contrast that with the treatment of now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavenaugh on an unverified accusation and you’ll understand.

I can probably go on, but quite frankly, it’s damned overwhelming.

In my last post, I had the lofty goal of trying to put forth a few thoughts to retrieve our country back from the Democrats. Outside of pushing back on every Democrat-sponsored proposal and voting against every Democrat Party candidate, I’ve got nothing. And perhaps that’s good – it’s simple and direct.

Starting local and working our way up may be the best way to effect change. Supporting those candidates that support the Constitution and the People in actions not words is also a way to change the political landscape. And as a complementary plan, support those organizations that try and keep government accountable such as Project Veritas and the Second Amendment Foundation.

Until next time.

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The idea that right is wrong….

<blockquote><font color=”red”>We have a new prevailing wind coming from Washington that is full of putrid stenches that only the lies being told are causing. That, and the fact that the truth is being treated as nothing more than lies, and racism, and things that that democrats are pushing to make the lies they are telling the truth.

My problem with this is, if something is a lie, even when perceived by the population and the media as the truth….it is still a lie. Plain and simple. And Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and others who are literally costing the American people millions and telling us all it is all Trump’s fault are the liars and enemies of this great nation.

I have been busy lately pushing my Network on Blog Talk Radio, and doing my daily updates on Facebook live that I have all but stayed away from here, and didn’t realize that it had been so long since my last update here.

So my apologies to my readers and I will do better in the future.

The ideas that have been floating around Washington, have to be exposed as the lies that they really are. Nancy Pelosi is acting like the House of Representatives is HERS and HERS ALONE because she is the speaker of the house. She has that all wrong because if the truth be known here……the house belongs to the people. Not Pelosi…..NOT the democrats. Not anyone in Washington. It belongs to the People. PERIOD!

The problems arise from the people who get their only news from the Lamestream Lying Liberal Media, who wouldn’t know the truth if it came and smacked them up-side the head. The real truth has to be gotten out here so the people can make intelligent decisions in their voting and everything else. Once they realize that the Democrats care nothing for America, and care everything for anything illegal, the sooner we can get them out of office and we can get back to work rebuilding this nation to the great nation it once was. And NO. Make America Great Again, is NOT a racist statement.</blockquote></font>

God Bless America

God Bless Our Troops

God Bless Trump


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Democrats Have NO Credibility Left

The democrats are fighting our President all the way when it comes to border security, while turning right around and saying that border security to them is very very important. Really?

To know this is a complete and utter lie, we have to look back to 2009. President Obama was the president then, and the idea of border security came up. Chuck Schumer said, and I quote:

“The first of these seven principles is that illegal immigration is wrong, plain and simple. When we use phrases like ‘undocumented workers,’ we convey a message to the American people that their government is not serious about combating illegal immigration, which the American people overwhelmingly oppose.”

He then continued: “People who enter the United States without our permission are illegal aliens, and illegal aliens should not be treated the same as people who entered the United States legally. Any immigration solution must recognize that we must do as much as we can to gain operational control of our borders as soon as possible.”

Folks, the democrats depend on us not remembering what they said, or even did in the past. They don’t want us to remember that the democrat party used to be really American. Remember President Kennedy saying: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Today, the democrats version of this is, “don’t do for yourself. Let the government do it all. Government has to be big so it can do it all.”

But democrats like Schumer do not realize that videos and audios of him saying in 2009 that illegal aliens had to be kept out of our country. That they were doing nothing but hurt our country and our economy. I even put his exact quote above. He even said that using terms like “undocumented workers” conveys the wrong message, even though it is the democrat party that uses that term to ad nausium.

Even Nancy Pelosi was seen partying and drinking and dancing the other night because she was happy that they took back the house, meaning that Americans would never get their wall, and neither would Trump. In my opinion folks, these morons on the left are about as UnAmerican as Carl Marx ever was. They see no redeeming qualities in our great country, and because they don’t,  they are doing what they can to totally destroy her.

Bringing up my only question in this post that needs an answer.  Why do we keep electing people to our government, as our representatives, who will NOT, under any circumstances, do the will of the people, or what is good for our nation?

God Bless America,

God Bless our Troops,

and as always, We will not be Ruled!


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Merry Christmas

From Our Families to Yours…

christmas day wallpapers 2018-10

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Power Play – Part 1

Friends, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything.  Life, work, holidays, etc. all seem to take up the time that I would normally use to write.  Now it’s grabbing what time I have to take a breath or two and organize my thoughts.

Last month, the Democrats were elected to take control of the House next year, and the Republicans retained control of the Senate.  I fear that there will be nothing but chaos and confusion coming out of the House as the Democrats have it in their minds to target the President for nothing more than political persecution.  Also buried in the mess of things the Democrats want to address will be healthcare, gun control, taxes, and immigration. Nothing good will come from the Democrats being in the House.

The Democrats should look at France, and the open rebellion the French have against President Macron over taxes, immigration, and the lack of apparent accountability & empathy the Macron administration has for the citizens.  I read that a gallon of diesel fuel is over $7.00, and 65% of that is taxes. President Macron wants a 6% increase to fund a green agenda. In a country of where people run out of a monthly paycheck in three weeks, there is definitely a disconnect.

The European Union has an immigration problem (this is also part of the issue in France).  The EU governing body (unelected, from what I understand) has dictated immigration quotas for each country.  Migrants/refugees stream in, and countries like Germany & France displace their own citizens & support them with welfare.  This is something that the Democrats also want – unlimited immigrants to this country and support them with tax dollars in the hope that the immigrants will vote Democrat, keeping them in power.

Immigration is always a touchy subject for some people.  For me, immigrants must follow the rule of law to come into our country, whether it’s to work, study, become a citizen, or to seek asylum.  There are standards and laws that must be followed, but the Democrats don’t seem to care. “It’s for the children!” they cry. Cow patties, I say!  It’s about power and control.

Invariably, the question comes up why don’t these people who want to crash through our borders stay in their own countries and fix their country’s problems?  I’ve got a few thoughts on that:

First, many of these countries are dictatorships with failing economies (think Venezuela).  Governments that are oppressive to their people, sometimes brutally. This usually leads to a two-class society – the privileged and poor – without hardly any opportunity to advance.  Survival is now the goal.

Second, gang violence.  There are reports of gangs ruling the streets in conjunction with government approval floating around on the Internet.  If true, another reason to leave especially with the next point –

Third and last on my short list – gun control.  Most if not all of these countries have repressive forms of gun control.  Only the government (dictators) and criminals (gangs) have weapons, and the citizens have no form of self defence against either.  After all, why should you arm people who represent a threat to your power?

All of the above points represent portions of the the Democrat’s agenda – immigrants that will vote to keep the Party in power, tax burdens to support the immigrants to buy their fealty & to impoverish the citizenry (if you’re working to survive, you don’t have time to rebel), and disarm those that would rebel.

The Democrats double down on this power grab by apparent voter fraud.  California’s “ballot harvesting” is probably one of the most egregious forms of fraud I have ever seen.  Having the dead vote and the miraculous appearance of ballots during the aftermath of elections only confirms what I suspect.  The exclamation point is during seven contested elections of where the Republican candidate was leading, the elections were won by the Democratic candidate – this defies the odds and common sense.

And it just doesn’t stop there…

The political parties pass laws that affect the people they represent, but exempt themselves from those very laws.  The prime example of this is the ACA, otherwise known as Obamacare. And what laws they do pass that they would fall under, they are not prosecuted.  The prime example of this is the multiple instances of Hillary Clinton’s favoritism to donors of the Clinton Foundation and security breaches with emails.  There is a blatant disregard of laws by the ruling elite, and anyone with half a brain can see the hypocrisy, the lies, and the crimes committed by the politicians who wish to have unfettered rule.

It’s no wonder the people of the United States do not have confidence in their government nor in the political party’s abilities to represent them nor confine themselves to the Constitution.

So where do we go from here?  I hope to address this in Part 2.

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